Back to School 2020: COVID-19 Precautions & Tips

Back to School 2020: COVID-19 Precautions & Tips

Safety first, but of course, style second! Parenting in a pandemic remains uncharted territory for everyone; life is constantly changing. As summer comes to a close, a whole new hurdle is emerging: returning to school and daycare. Whether your littles are going back to school, learning from home, or given the choice between, we’re here to help this fall go as smoothly as possible. 

Remember: you can stay healthy, stay organized, and look good doing it!

Back to School Essentials

  • Check out our Cute 'n Clean™ Hand Sanitizer Charm. This stylish charm clips easily onto any backpack or purse to safely hold your hand sanitizer. In the midst of a pandemic, clean hands are a must. No need to dig through your bag… with this charm, hand sanitizer is always in reach. Grab one for yourself and your little one's backpack. And while you’re at it, grab some Itzy Ritzy Hand Sanitizer too (sold separately).

    Black Itzy Mini with Hand Sanitizer Charm

  • Our Snack & Wet Bags are great for keeping masks all in one place. Most states are currently mandating face-coverings in public settings, so keeping extra masks on-hand is a good idea. Children over 2 years old can wear face coverings. Try incorporating two snack bags: a bag for clean masks and a bag for masks that need washing. Throw a snack bag in both your little's backpack and your purse.

    A wet bag is easy to wash and keeps your son or daughter’s physical education gear separate and ready for cleaning. Pro tip: get a second one to keep in his/her locker or gym bag with deodorant, comb/brush and any other everyday essentials.

    The mini snack bags are also perfectly sized to discreetly keep your daughter’s personal hygiene products. Trust me--your teenager will appreciate this.

    snack bags

  • Alcohol wipes are great to quickly wipe down desks, pencils, and bags. The cleaner the better! Snag one of our Wipes Cases to conveniently (and stylishly) store disinfectant wipes on the go.

Other Back To School Tips

  • If your kiddos are heading back to school, consider opting for a packed lunch in a brown bag. If this is a possibility for your family, packing a disposable lunch is the safest option and will lessen the chances of germs being brought home.
  • If your kids are staying home, try to create and maintain a schedule. Routines and expectations will keep older children accountable and younger toddlers feeling secure. Your kids usually have very structured days at school, so not only will a schedule help your family balance everything, but it will mock a school day and feel familiar to them.
  • Regardless of whether your family is staying home or returning to in-person learning, make time for conversations and check-ins. The pandemic remains stressful for both you and your children. Consistently check how you are feeling, how your family is feeling, and what you need from each other.

Stay safe & healthy!

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