Celeb Spottings with Itzy Ritzy Items

Over the past few years we've had some awesome celeb spottings with Itzy Ritzy items! It’s always fun to see our Itzy Ritzy products being used IRL. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Itzy Ritzy sightings on celebs’ socials. Keep on reading to see some small Itzy Ritzy cameos with some familiar faces. 

Spotted Cactus Chew Crew ® Teether on Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s living room playing with his son. Too cute!


Our Llama Sweetie Pal™ is a Brittany Aldean baby must-have! We spy one on her Insta story. Her kiddo’s leopard shoes, pink tutu, and sunglasses make us say “yas queen!”  


Charm Pod spotted in Tara Henderson's What’s In My Hospital Bag” YouTube video


We spy a Cactus Chew Crew ® Teether and a Cactus Itzy Mitt™on Savannah LaBrant’s Insta story. Zealand can't get enough of Itzy RItzy!


Is that a Boss Backpack we see on an episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac? Talk about Itzy Ritzy IRL.


Post-nap vibes on Alex Congelliere’s Insta story. Our Rainbow Ritzy Rattle™ making an appearance!  

A Cactus Itzy Mitt™ spotted in Krista Horton’s Insta story. Days with dad are the best!


We spy a Vanilla Latte Boss Backpack™ in Dude Dad’s IGTV. Mom definitely knows what’s up.


Cuddles with baby and our Llama Sweetie Pal™ on Missy Lanning’s Insta story.  

We spot even more Itzy Ritzy on Savannah LaBrant’s Instagram story. Featuring the Cactus Chew Crew® Teether yet again! 


Pineapple Chew Crew® Teether spotted in an episode of Teen Mom 2 on Netflix. OMG!


The Kelly Boss Plus™ spotted on Rachel Parcell’s Insta story. Afternoon Zoom meeting vibes. 


Sweetie Soother™ spotted in Brittany Aldean’s Instagram story. Definitely a naptime necessity.


And lastly (but certainly not least), a super quick Itzy Mini cameo spotted in our BFF Chelsea DeBoer’s Insta story!


Who were you most excited to see rocking Itzy Ritzy? Make sure to keep an eye out for Itzy Ritzy hiding in the background of a celeb's Insta pic or a YouTube video. If you find any, let us know and share your screenshots to media@itzyritzy.com. 


Xoxo, Team Itzy Ritzy

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