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Five Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

What to gift at a baby shower can feel a little more stressful than it should sometimes. If you aren’t a mother yourself, the baby registry can seem overwhelming, and frankly, a little boring (heck, that can be true even if you are a mom!). You feel compelled to shower your friend/sister/cousin with something that will really get them excited for baby’s arrival, and for some reason the burp cloths and nail clippers on the registry aren’t fitting the bill.


One idea for spicing up your baby shower gift-giving mojo is to go in on a present with a few other people and really make it exciting. Not only will these gift kits be incredibly useful for the mama-to-be, but they will also have the “wow factor” that most baby shower gifts lack. Here are five ideas for gift bundles any mama-to-be is sure to love.


Breastfeeding Survival Kit:

We’ve already blogged about our breastfeeding must-haves here. You can put them all together in a cute basket that could be used in the nursery and boom! You’ve made breastfeeding supplies super exciting. Just make sure you don’t miss including the absolutely essential Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss Infant Feeding Pillow (a steal at under $25) and the Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss Multi-Use Nursing Cover.


Diaper Bag Essentials:

Fill an Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag full of all the essentials: Diapers, wipes, a couple cute changes of clothes, pacifier, pacifier clip, Itzy Ritzy Wet Bags, swaddle blanket, burp cloths, bottle and hand sanitizer, and Itzy Ritzy Multi-Use Car Seat and Nursing Cover. If you’re feeling really generous you can include a few things for mom like lip balm, lotion and a few granola bars or other healthy snacks. Now mom doesn’t need to worry about packing her bag for her first outing with baby!


Teething Survival Kit:

When you’re pregnant, especially with your first child, you’re probably not thinking much about teething … But then one mundane Wednesday, it comes out of nowhere and takes over your life. Help the mama-to-be by arming her with the best teething remedies out there. You’ll want to include: An Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teether (that comes in cute shapes like a cactus and pineapple!) and teething jewelry. Baby will be grabbing for mom’s necklace anyway, so why not give him/her something they can safely chew on? Itzy Ritzy Teething Happens Necklaces are the perfect remedy!  A Fresh Food Feeder (like this one) is perfect for soothing baby’s swollen gums with freshly frozen fruit, or you could include a chilled teether (This pack of three is only $3.99!). If you know baby’s name, you can get a cute wooden teether personalized for under $10! And don’t forget to include some Infant Tylenol! No explanation necessary on that one, right?!



Feeding Kit

Like teething, feeding your baby solids is one of the furthest things from your mind when you’re pregnant. Your mind is usually focusing on the first three months (and how you plan to survive them), but once baby hits six months and starts on purees, parents will be glad they are stocked up with all the essentials. You’ll definitely want to include a bib (these are the best for catching food when babies miss their mouths — which happens often!), plates/bowls/cups (these are genius — they stick to your table so baby can’t dump all his/her food on the floor!) and some utensils. If you’re going big, you could purchase a highchair, baby food maker and this awesome pouch-making station (we’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like their food to come out of a pouch!) and a book full of wonderful baby food ideas.



Travel Essentials

Traveling with babies is made significantly easier with the right gear. You can put together a fun package full of all the travel must-haves to help make their first trip with baby (and beyond) a breeze. You’ll want to include:  An Umbrella Stroller that is lightweight with a large storage basket that is easy to fold down. We love the Uppababy G-Luxe! A baby carrier is also an essential. This one is an absolute travel essential and works for an infant with the infant insert and later, up to 45 pounds! You’ll also want to include a travel crib. This one is lightweight and easy to pack and is a favorite among many moms! You’re going to score major points for these next two: Portable blackout shades (these can stick to most any size window!) and a portable sound machine. These two items are sure to help baby maximize sleep when they are in a new environment. Lastly, this portable high chair will come in handy even when they aren’t on vacation. It’s great to keep in the car for restaurants or friends’ homes that don’t come equipped with high chairs.