Four Ways to Pack Your Grayson Boss Plus™

Four Ways to Pack Your Grayson Boss Plus™

With a sleek design and premium features, The Grayson Boss Plus™ is one of our favorite bags here at Itzy Ritzy. And even though The Grayson is a diaper bag, it can definitely be used for so much more. With 19 pockets total, the packing possibilities are endless. Use the Boss for baby and beyond! 

Having trouble finding other ways to pack The Grayson? Never fear! We compiled four different packing scenarios on our TikTok that you can implement with your Boss Plus. Check out the videos and the hacks we used below! 


1. Pack For A Day Out With Baby 


vacation? @target run? doesn’t matter. our Boss Plus is your on-the-go bestie🤩 ##itzyritzy ##onthegomomma ##diaperbagmusthaves ##babyandmama ##fyp

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Traveling with baby? With the Boss Plus™, transferring itemsfor you and baby alikeis the least of your worries. Let's start with packing the interior. First, we packed some extra diapers and a swaddle in the largest, interior pocket. With the remaining 12 interior pockets (yes. 12) we packed the rest of our items individually for max organization. These can be items like a change of clothes for baby, burp cloths, and an Itzy Lovey™ Toy. Finish packing the interior with essentials for mom (ex: nursing cover, snacks) in one of our packing cubes

Now, let's move to the exterior pockets. We threw a pack of wipes—packed snugly in one of our reusable wipes cases—in the exterior pocket. In the front mom pocket, moms can keep their small essentials in an easily accessible place; items like their wallet, sunglasses, lotion, and keys (pro tip: hook your keys to the built-in key lanyard). We finished off the packing with a water bottle for you in one side pocket and a bottle for baby in the other.

Now you're ready for a day out with baby...a trip to Target, a day at the zoo...doesn't matter! The Grayson is a must-have for an on-the-go parent. Check out the video above to see this packing plan in action. 


2. Pack For Work


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For all the working parents out there, The Grayson will help you stroll into the office with optimum style and organization. First, we slid our laptop into the interior laptop pocketdid you know it fits up to a 15” laptop?—as well as a planner. Next we used one of our Chill Like A Boss™ Bottle Bags as a lunchbox (check out this blog post to see all the different uses for these bottle bags). After placing the bottle bag in The Grayson, we put some chargers in the netted interior pocket.   

Zip! Zip! Time to move to exterior packing. We threw a notebook in the bigger front pocket and slid a water bottle in the side pocket. Boom, now you're ready for a day in the office. Warning: you might make your coworker jealous by having the cutest bag at the office! Check out the video above to see this packing plan in action.

3. Pack For The Gym


it’s ##HotMomSummer ☀️ here’s how we pack our Boss Plus for the gym! ##itzyritzy ##itzyritzydiaperbag ##gymbagessentials ##fitnessmoms ##fyp

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It's summer know that that means. Time to get those gains at the gym! Next, we packed our Grayson for the gym. Starting with the interior, we packed deodorant, dry shampoo, and a hairbrush in the individual pockets. In the main compartment of the bag, we packed a change of post-workout clothes. Finally, we slipped a towel in the interior laptop pocket for a post-workout shower (pro tip: this pocket is so versatile, make use of it for larger items!).

Moving onto the exterior storage, we slipped a phone and phone charger in everyone's favorite "parent pocket" in the front, and tossed in a wallet and baseball hat in the front mom pocket. Of course, we finished packing with a water bottle in the side pocket. And voila! You are now gym-ready. All our fitness mamas have to try this one out. Check out the video above to see this packing plan in action. 


4. Pack For Pumping 


This one’s for all the pumping mamas! 🍼 ##spectra ##itzyritzy ##pumpbag ##pumpingmama ##spectrapump

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The Grayson works as a great breast pump backpack. So for all you pumping, on-the-go mamas...this one's for you! We first packed our breast pump of choice in the main compartment (we went with the Spectra S2 Plus Breast Pump). Next, we grabbed a Chill Like A Boss™ Bottle Bag and packed some empty bottles. Lastly, we got one of our packing cubes and filled it up with nursing pads and Spectra pumping accessorizes. The packing cube fit nicely in the front pocket. Check out the video above to see this packing plan in action.



There are so many ways to utilize this high-quality bag. We hope we've inspired you to come up with creative ways to pack your Grayson. Make sure to follow our TikTok to see more videos like this. Have a packing hack with an Itzy Ritzy product that wasn't included here? Make sure to let us know!

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