Fri-Yay Fun: Itzy Ritzy Memes

Fri-Yay Fun: Itzy Ritzy Memes

Our Insiders Group’s Hilarious Itzy Ritzy Memes 

It’s Fri-yay! Take a break with these amazing & relatable memes!

A couple weeks ago our Insiders Facebook group had a meme-making contest. We have the most creative and hilarious community, so we just had to share some!

Here are some Itzy Ritzy memes that will def give you a smile. After all, there’s comfort in knowing that your feelings and experiences resonate with many parents like you! Keep reading if you want some good laughs & let us know which one screams out “ME!” 


Waiting for packages to arrive

Add to cart. Proceed to checkout. Aaaaand...

Meme by: Stephanie K


Meme by: Brittany H.


You can never have enough Itzy Ritzy 

And anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t get the hype. Period. 

Meme by: Ashley S

Meme by: Alex B

Meme by: Alycia H

Little tiffs with bae 

It can get exhausting having to hide all the Itzy Ritzy packages that show up on the front doorstep. 

Meme by: Ashley S

Meme by: Felicia M

Meme by: Sammi Jo S

Meme by: Alycia Hardy

Ouch, my wallet

Who’s paying for all the stuff in my cart anyways? Oh wait….

 Meme by: Tiffany Cabral 

Meme by: Liz Garcia

Meme by: Kristen Bunetic

Trying to grab a sneak peak of the Dream Collection 

Launching 2/1!! 

Meme by: Kat Dubon

Meme by: Sammi Jo S

When Itzy Ritzy serves as a bonding moment 

Our community definitely passes the vibe check.

Meme by: Felicia Murphy

Itzy Ritzy Community = Love

It’s not just a diaper bag, okay? 

Meme by: Tiffany Cabral

Did we miss a good one? Submit yours to

Thank you to all the creators of these memes! We love our tight-knit, inclusive community who are so fun and get all the ups and downs of parenthood. 

xoxo, Team Itzy Ritzy 

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