Itzy Ritzy | November 21, 2022

Check Out Christine Anderson’s Review of our Milk Boss Infant Feeding Pillow on Yahoo!

Breastfeeding is a journey, and like all journeys worth telling, it has its ups and downs. Nursing your baby is incredible, but it also has its challenges. We get it. We want to make feeding as enjoyable as possible for you and your little one. 

The Milk Boss Infant Feeding Support Pillow is a practical, comfortable feeding cushion that was created to help babies and mamas alike. Milk Boss provides the ideal feeding position while simultaneously reinforcing  the optimal posture for mom. 

Christine Anderson, new mother of a beautiful baby boy, has had her own challenges with breastfeeding, but has recently discovered Milk Boss. She recalled her positive experience with Milk Boss in a Yahoo! article.  

“After spending weeks piling up pillows to the proper height, holding up my baby to the perfect position for him (not for me), straining my arm and shoulder while doing so, and craning my neck downward to see my kid, the Milk Boss pillow from Itzy Ritzy saved me,” Christine explained. 

Christine thinks that this nursing pillow should absolutely be on every mama’s baby shower registry list. She wants all moms to know that with the help of this pillow, “you can stop sacrificing your comfort for the comfort of your kid while they're eating.”

“Milk Boss from Itzy Ritzy saved me weeks of physical therapy, and I've seen a dramatic decrease in the baby’s spit-up. Win, win.”

Check out the full review here.

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