The Monarchs of Michoacán: Special Connection for this Interior Lining

The Monarchs of Michoacán: Special Connection for this Interior Lining

A few months ago, we introduced our newest addition to the M Collection: The Monarch Boss Plus Diaper Bag. Beyond its timeless maroon exterior, it features a subtle butterfly interior. Alynah Martinez, a member from our Facebook insiders group, shared what this monarch lining means to her and why it’s so special in her culture.

We talked to Alynah to learn a little bit more. Keep on reading to see a fun and informative Q&A with her.

Q: Hey Alynah, tell us a little about yourself & your family.

A: My family comes from a line of indigenous people called the Purépecha in Michoacán, Mexico. 

Q: Where does your family currently live?

A: We are from a small village called Atacheo de Regalado, Michoacán. Unfortunately, I do not live there—I’m currently in the states stationed with my husband. We are both Air Force, he is active duty, I’m a vet. 

Q: Tell us about your connection to the interior pattern of the Monarch Boss Plus—What do the Monarch Butterflies symbolize to you, being from Michoacán? 

A: Monarch butterflies are extremely important to myself and our culture. Everything ties back to Dia de los Muertos (November 1st and 2nd.) We believe that Monarchs are the embodiment and souls of our deceased family and ancestors. The migration of the Monarch goes from Canada all the way down to Mexico. They stay in Mexico when it gets colder, then return to Canada when it gets warmer. Because of this, they’re usually more present during our celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

Q: If you have had the chance to visit one of the butterfly reserves in Michoacán, tell us about the experience! 

A: I’ve been to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Michoacán! It has to be one of the most beautiful locations in the world. There are thousands of trees covered in orange and black. Every time I would turn my head, there would be butterflies all over me. It was almost like a spiritual experience. It was healing knowing I got to see so many of my ancestors that day.

Q: That is beautiful. For anyone visiting Michoacán, what would you recommend them seeing? 

A: I highly recommend the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and the Zoologico de Morelia. Just please visit with respect! These creatures are sacred to us. They’re not just bugs, they’re the souls of our parents, grandparents and family who have passed.

Q: And lastly, just for fun—what is your favorite Itzy Ritzy item that you own?

A: The Grayson! I take it everywhere. It matches the nursery of my son Lucas

A huge thank you to Alynah for letting us feature her story on our blog and for teaching us more about her Purépecha culture and why the Monarch butterfly is so special.

Is the Monarch Boss Plus (or another bag from our collection) special to you for any particular reason? We'd love to hear your story! Send us a DM on Insta or join our Facebook Insiders group. You can shop The Monarch Boss Plus exclusively on Amazon.

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