Must-Try Birthday Charcuterie Board Recipes

Must-Try Birthday Charcuterie Board Recipes

Bye-bye birthday cakes...hello birthday charcuterie boards! Shocked we would suggest you throw out such a classic birthday staple? Well by the end of this blog post, you might be trading your candles for a customizable charcuterie setup. 

As we're sure you’ve seen on your Insta feed (or Pinterest), charcuterie boards have been extra popular lately, and for a good reason! These platters are traditionally served with meat and cheese among other things, but you can definitely take more of a sweet, dessert, approach with these beautiful edible arrangements. Part of the reason they are so popular at the moment is because there are no rules! Take the flavors you’ve been craving and the colors you’ve been loving and organize them into a beautiful appetizer. With so much room for creativity and variety...what’s not to love?

A birthday charcuterie board is just as beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing as a birthday cake, just in a different way. Satisfy a larger variety of cravings and accommodate potential food allergies. A dessert charcuterie board as the centerpiece of a party will definitely change the vibe. 

If you’re still wanting to stick to the birthday classic, we respect it. Can’t got wrong with the classics. But if we’ve inspired you to take on this different, trendy approach with birthdays this year, check out some of our fave recipes for birthday charcuterie board inspo:


Recipe #1: Birthday Dessert Board


Recipe #2: Birthday Candy Charcuterie


Recipe #3: Chocolate-Lover's Dessert Board


Recipe #4: Snack & Dessert Charcuterie Board


Recipe #5: Heart-Themed Charcuterie


Recipe #6 - Sweet & Salty Snack Board 


Don't be afraid to deviate from these recipes and craft your own, unique, birthday board. Part of the fun with these is making it your own! If you create a beautiful birthday charcuterie board, tag us on Insta with @itzyritzy. Best birthday wishes from Itzy Ritzy! 

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