Arielle Dunn | April 14, 2021

Living Your Best Spring Break Life with Kids

Forget Hot Girl Summer...we're all about Cool Mom Spring Break.

In another life, getting a spray tan, a new bikini and a fresh mani-pedi were the ways we got ready for this week off. Those days are long gone and prepping for Spring Break looks a little different now: Searching for the perfect family-friendly beach getaway, a camp your kids will actually love (while you’re working away) or trying to stay sane while you’re home with your school-aged kids and the weather hasn’t actually turned for the better just yet. Whether you’ll be sticking around home or taking off for a family vacation, we’ve got a few tips to help make sure you're living your best life this Spring Break.

Be Extra with your Organization

Packing CubesIf you’re heading out of town, use packing cubes to keep your family’s bags organized. We all know traveling with kids isn’t for the faint of heart, and packing for you, your bae and your kid(s) is just the beginning of the chaos. Packing cubes will not only help you maximize the space in your diaper bag or luggage, but also help keep each family member’s items separated and organized.

Another bonus is that with the use of packing cubes you’ll no longer find yourself tearing your bag apart trying to find your toiletries or your little's backup outfit! The best part? Ours fit in a Boss Backpack AND an Itzy Mini, so no matter how much you're packing, you can low key be the most organized mama out there.

A High-Key Pool Day Must-Have

Sealed Wet BagsIf your Spring Break will involve pools or beaches, don’t forget to pack your Wet Bags. Our reusable wet bags with water resistant lining zip shut to keep wet and sandy beach clothes separate from the rest of the items in your bag. They also work great for sweaty workout clothes or transporting liquids to and from your destination. These multipurpose wet bags are must-haves on vacation and beyond - and we just added new styles!

Staying Home Hits Different

If you’ll be staying home for Spring Break, make sure you plan ahead a few activities for both in and out of the house. It can be all too easy to think you’ll figure things out on the fly or that you’d rather spend leisurely days relaxing instead of trying to do too much. Real talk though - half a day into Spring Break your kids will express boredom and you’ll need to come up with some plans ASAP. Having the supplies you need and something to look forward to will make for a much less stressful week home, and we're here for it. 

A few in-home activities: Do one of these awesome craft kits, make an obstacle course (and time your competitive kids!), bake a favorite treat, play a board game or have a movie night!

A few outside activities: Go to the zoo, have a picnic, go for a walk in a new-to-you neighborhood, go to an indoor swimming pool (don’t forget your wet bag!), be a tourist in your own city, volunteer somewhere or go to a professional sports game.


Is Chaos a #Mood?

Whether you’re staying home or traveling, our biggest tip for spring breakers is to expect the unexpected. Things hardly ever go as planned when traveling (especially with children) and the same goes with carefully laid plans in your hometown. People get sick, museums close, tantrums ensue. The point is: The lower your expectations, the more fun you’re sure to have. Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy this extra time with your child(ren) – even when they’re driving you borderline insane. Happy Spring Break-ing, mamas!