Emma Kirincich | November 21, 2022

Rare Diamonds FAQs

We hope you're all as excited as we are about Rare Diamonds! These ultra-unique bags will have heads turning on your next outing with babe!

What are Rare Diamonds?

Rare Diamonds is a series of diaper bag prototypes from our design team! Each diaper bag within the Rare Diamonds collection is coming straight from the Itzy Ritzy Design Vault, so they're all very unique.

How much will Rare Diamonds cost?

Each Rare Diamond bag will reflect the retail price of their silhouette. (Ex: a Boss Plus Rare Diamond will be $184.99)

How many of each bag will there be?

Rare Diamonds is a series of ultra-unique diaper bags, so there are very few of each design.

Can you pick which Rare Diamonds bag you want or is it random?

You will be able to choose (yay!) which specific Rare Diamonds bag you would like to purchase.

How can I get access to shop Rare Diamonds?

Rare Diamonds is exclusive to Ritzy Rewards members. Sign up for Ritzy Rewards to unlock Rare Diamonds, and make sure you're signed up for our newsletter to get the secret links to shop!

Is it open to all levels of Ritzy Rewards?

Yes! Every Ritzy Rewards member will have access to Rare Diamonds, no matter which level you're on.

Can I use shop credit or Rewards on this purchase?

No, shop credit, Ritzy Rewards and discount codes will not be valid when purchasing Rare Diamonds.

Will I earn Ritzy Diamonds for purchasing?

Yes! You'll be able to earn Ritzy Diamonds when you purchase Rare Diamonds.


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