Top Ten Holiday Packing Tips

Top Ten Holiday Packing Tips

Top Ten Holiday Packing Tips

By Samantha Smoker


The 🎶 most wonderful time of the year 🎶 is quickly approaching! For many of us, that means we will be traveling near and far to celebrate with our families. I dread this time of year for one reason alone: PACKING. We asked on the Itzy Ritzy Insiders & Ambassadors page for your favorite packing tips, so keep reading to make your holiday season a little more jolly!


 1. Make A List, and Check It Twice

The week before you plan to pack, grab a pen and paper, and walk through your day as you normally would to get both you and your children ready. While you're doing this, jot down items you use daily. There is nothing worse than running to the store to grab shampoo!

2. Use Wet Bags for Each Child

My favorite way to pack for my children is to designate a wet bag to each child. This helps to stay organized when you need to grab something quick. You can also use a wet bag to put your shampoo bottles in. The waterproof layer and heat-sealed zipper will keep any unexpected spill at bay.

(pic by one of our awesome Insiders Ashley Elizabeth) 

3. Wrap Your Bottles 

Don't have a wet bag  handy? To prevent spills, use either plastic bags or Saran Wrap to cover the opening of your shampoo or soap bottle, then screw the lid on as you normally would. Not only will this help the lid stay put, but it also molds to the lid to prevent or lessen a spill!

4. Roll Your Clothes

Yes, you read that right! Roll, don't fold, your clothes. Doing so will help you save space and minimize wrinkles. For small children, you can use the onesie, pants, and socks trick for even more organization!


5. Bring Extra Clothes

Holidays are messy, so save some space for extra clothes! Traveling to grandma and grandpa's usually results in treats and activities that make messes as big as their smiles. Be prepared by packing extra clothes.


6. Snacks

Hangry toddlers. Need I say more? Itzy Ritzy's Snack & Everything Bags are perfect for keeping these organized & handy at all times!



7. Prepare "Go" Bags

Raise your hand if you have ever been out with your spouse and said, "Go!" In my house, this means grab your little and run to the nearest bathroom. You can use an Itzy Ritzy Wet Bag to pack the essentials. For your child, it may be diapers and wipes. For yourself, it may be toiletries. Because while you’re in there with your little, it’s nice to have things to freshen yourself up, too! This bag is simply meant to ease the stress of bathroom trips when you’re on-the-go.


 8. Bring A Camera

For years to come, you will look back on the holidays and wish you could see someone special just one more time. Whether it be your smart phone or your DSLR, bring a camera so you may reflect for years to come.


9. Everything Bags

Whether it be for snacks or an activity to occupy your children, the everything bags are a must have for traveling! Some awesome suggestions for packing these (from our Insiders Group) were packing handheld games, car essentials (like hand sanitizer and a phone charger), toy cars, and crayons for a coloring book! Simply pack them up and place them on top of your suitcase or purse for ease of access.


10. Use Wet Bags as Packing Cubes - for Everything in the Suitcase!

Lastly, use wet bags as packing cubes! Organization is key for a successful trip. There are few things worse than being overwhelmed when you're not at home. Wet bags will help everyone organize their belongings and make traveling more smooth – plus, the heat-sealed lining will protect the rest of your suitcase in case your toiletries leak!


Photo from @tori.mccain


I hope these 10 tips will help make your holiday travels smooth. If there is anything you take away, remember this: ORGANIZE. Happy holidays!


Content contributor Samantha Smoker is the mom of two boys and one girl, Ezra (four years), Ella (17 months) and Mason (three months), living in Richmond, Kentucky and describes her parenting style as leaning towards attachment style.


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