Itzy Ritzy | November 30, 2021

Win $50 Shop Credit! 💕 Valentine's Day 2021 Scavenger Hunt

It’s scavenger hunt time!

Find FIVE hearts hidden in pictures on our website and you'll be entered in to win one of TEN $50 shop credits! Here's how to play 👇 

1. Explore our website looking for the hidden emojis

2. Find any FIVE of these emojis (there are seven total):

❤️  😍  ❣️  💞  💖  🌹  💘

3. Screenshot 📸 when you find them

4. Send all screenshots in ONE email to (not multiple)

Let the search begin!🕵️‍♀️  Contest closes at 10 am CT 2/15. Our ten lucky winners will be announced on Insta stories later on Monday, 2/15.