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Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy FAQ

Shipping, Pre-Order, Timeline:

Shipping ETAs:
Chelsea’s Stroller Caddy: Wave 1 starts shipping 11/11, Wave 2 starts shipping 12/12, Final Wave ships by 12/23.
Chelsea’s Caramel Crossbody: Wave 1 starts shipping 11/16, Wave 2 starts shipping 12/16, Final Wave ships by 12/23.
Muslin Blankets: Sets start shipping 11/25 (whether purchased as an individual set or part of a bundle).
Chelsea Boss Backpacks ordered 10/22 will ship March 2020.
For questions about your specific order, please reach out to Customer Service via our Contact Us page.

Are the pre-orders limited quantities?

Yes! Make sure to sign up for the Chelsea + Cole Crew to be the first to know about the release dates. Sign up here.

How long is the pre-order window?

Short! It will vary per product, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Are we allowed to purchase more than once?


What does First Edition mean?

Chelsea + Cole's Boss Backpacks sold before pre-orders end will come with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity. At this time, we can't guarantee that Chelsea + Cole's Boss Backpacks will be available again after pre-orders close, but in the event they are, only those who purchased during the first pre-order window will receive the signed First Edition Certificate. 

What do "Wave 1" and "Wave 2" mean for Chelsea's Double Take™ Crossbody Diaper Bag?

Because Chelsea's Double Take sold out in under two hours, we opened up a second wave of pre-orders with a later ship date for those who may have missed the short "Wave 1" window. "Wave 1" will begin shipping August 15, and "Wave 2" will begin shipping September 30. 

What happens if it sells out?

The Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy will be a limited edition collection. Because of this, the product will likely sell out! To ensure you get your hands on the awesome collection, we recommend buying as soon as it goes on pre-order.

Will it ship internationally?

Yes! We have international shipping options for the Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy.

Will there be free shipping?

For all Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy orders being shipped within the contiguous U.S., we will offer free standard shipping. Any orders shipping to an address outside of the contiguous U.S. will be subject to standard shipping fees.

Once we place a pre-order, when will we get the product?

The time between pre-order and ship date may vary by product. Estimated delivery date will be provided for each unique product.

Can I add other non-collab items to my cart when pre-ordering a Chelsea + Cole Collection product?

All Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy products are pre-orders and will ship at a later date. All orders containing Chelsea + Cole Collection products and any additional Itzy Ritzy products will ship when the pre-ordered product ships. A shipment confirmation will be sent when your order ships.

Will Afterpay work with this collection pre-order?

Yes! Afterpay is a feature on that lets you split your payment of $35+ up into four equal payments over time. We’re very excited to offer this feature on all eligible pre-orders for the Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy.

What is the return policy on pre-orders?

Because this is a limited edition collection, there will be no returns on Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy products.

Where will this collection be available?

The Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy will be exclusively sold on

Is everything going to be launched at the same time?

No! We have some amazing items that we can’t wait for you to see, but all items will not be released at the same time.

How long/over what period of time will the collection be released?

Pre-orders for the first items will be late April 2019, and the full collection will be released throughout August 2019. 

Can I apply a discount code to my C+C order?

Discount codes and shop credits will be not allowed on Chelsea + Cole Collection.

What is the return policy?

There are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations on Chelsea + Cole Collection orders. 


General Questions about Collection:

Is it a baby line? / Do I have to have a baby to purchase?

This collab is going to be geared towards parents, but anyone who is a fan of Chelsea + Cole’s laid back, edgy style will love it.

Is it a clothing line?

We will have a variety of products in this collab!

Will it have a diaper bag?

How could it not when Chelsea + Cole’s style is so cool? Stay tuned for more updates about the products!

Will it be limited edition?

Yes, the Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy will be limited edition.

Did Chelsea and Cole design the collection?

It all started with Chelsea and Cole creating personal style Pinterest boards, answering a bunch of questions, and sharing their product ideas. From there, the Itzy Ritzy Design Team turned their inspiration into custom and unique product and pattern options that resonated back to C+C’s unique styles. Then, everyone joined forces in South Dakota for epic product design meetings where Chelsea and Cole provided feedback and made suggestions. Then our designers started sampling Chelsea + Cole for Itzy Ritzy products and had constant communication via text, phone, FaceTime, mail, etc. to make the products perfect!

Tell me more about the custom logo!

Chelsea and Cole's love story was the inspiration behind the collaboration's logo. The infinity symbol represents the infinite amount of love they have for each other, and the two "C"s on either end of the logo stand for Chelsea and Cole's names. There's also an arrow intertwined in the infinity symbol, both because Chelsea and Cole pointed it out as a symbol that represents their family, but also because when Chelsea and Cole met, it was like cupid was there with an arrow! The logo as a whole represents the eternal love they have for each other and their family.

When will we get sneak peeks?

We will share first looks and collection sneak peeks to the Chelsea + Cole Crew newsletter list. Sign up here.

Will there be items for Dad, too?

Absolutely! Cole’s unique style will definitely show up in some super-cool products for dads.


About Chelsea + Cole:

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are parenting influencers from South Dakota with three amazing children! They got their start as reality stars, but have since become known for their adorable love story, unique personal style and tight-knit family. 

Follow @chelseahouska and @coledeboer on Instagram!


About Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy is a parenting lifestyle brand with collections of baby, toddler and parent accessories that provide smart solutions to everyday challenges. Created by husband and wife duo and parents of three, Kelly and Brian Douglas, they believe parenting in style is possible, and value the togetherness and the "mamas supporting mamas" vibe of their growing community of mamas and dads. Learn more here.

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