Travel Gift Guide For This Summer

Travel Gift Guide For This Summer

Summer travel season is just around the corner! And as any parent with little ones knows, having the right products on hand can make all the difference. Some chaos when traveling is inevitable, but it sure makes for a great story. Even so, we’ve compiled a list of products that might make your adventure a liiiittle more seamless. Find the perfect gift for yourself or anyone else in your life who seems to have the wanderlust gene. 

  • Dream Weekender™, Itzy Ritzy. Having reliable, easy to carry, and spacious luggage when traveling is everything. This bag is perfect with 12 total pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, and top handles.   
  • Luggage Scale, Amazon. Avoid excess baggage fees or any other unnecessary airport stress with this device. 

  • Vaccine Card Case, Uncommon Goods. In case you want or need to bring your COVID-19 vaccination card along for the trip, this colorful case will hold and display your card perfectly.   
  • Travel Happens™ Reusable Sealed Wet Bag, Itzy Ritzy. Store your wet (or dry) items in style with these eco-friendly bags. Especially if you’re traveling somewhere where water is involved; this is a great way to store swimsuits, shoes, diapers…you name it.
  • First Aid Kit, Welly. It’s never a bad idea to have one of these on hand, especially if you’re going somewhere with a lot of hiking. Some boo boos are bound to happen. 

  • Neck Pillow, Ostrichpillow. On the off chance you get a second to take a quick snooze on the plane or in the car, you won’t want to wake up with a sore neck and back.  
  • Beats Studio3 Headphones, Amazon. You’ll be thankful you have these on hand when it’s hour five of traveling and you’re absolutely bored out of your mind.   
  • Take & Travel Pouch™ Reusable Wipes Case, Itzy Ritzy. Perfect to store and dispense wipes in style. It’s good to have wipes on hand for a quick wipe down of airplane seats, restaurant tables, or your kiddos face after a sticky summer treat. 

  • Cute & Clean™ Hand Sanitizer Charm, Itzy Ritzy. Traveling exposes you and your littles to all types of germs…so make sure to keep your sanitizer handy! This charm can also hold airpods, lip balms, hair ties, and any other small items you might want to have close by. It clips right onto your bag, and did we mention the cute patterns it comes in?
  • SPF Kit, Supergoop. Comes with three SPF products and a cute, yellow pouch
  • Bottle Flight, Aged & Ore. These glass bottles are made specifically for transporting samples of your favorite spirits or beverages. The kit includes a traveling case and a marker that can be used for labeling.  

  • Birdie Alarm, She’s Birdie. Great for traveling alone to provide you with an extra sense of safety. All you do is Pull the top to activate a loud siren and flashing strobe light. 
  • Trip Passport - Letterfolk. Not a travel necessity…but this might be the most valuable item on this list. When the trip is all said and done, you’ll want things to remember it by. This journal contains 20 entry logs and also includes pages for bucket lists, flight logs, and checklists. It might help you keep organized too!

Did we miss any vacay must-haves? Tag us @itzyritzy on social with your go-to travel products. Wishing you safe travels this season. Bon Voyage!

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