A Heartwarming Homecoming Story

A Heartwarming Homecoming Story

Here at Itzy Ritzy, we're all about our tight-knit community. It's important to us that we're there for you every step of the way...through tough times and good! A little while ago, a member of our Insiders group, Madisyn Williams posted this picture on Facebook with our Grayson Boss Plus

Adorable, right? Her husband, Kyle, was coming home after serving in the military. Kyson, one of their two littles, was just over a year old when Kyle left and wasn't walking yet. Now, this little guy is running all over the place. It had been a while since Kyle had seen his family, so of course Madisyn wanted to make his homecoming special!  

We talked to Madisyn to learn a little bit more about this picture, her life as a mom and having a partner in the military, and her experience with Itzy Ritzy! Keep on reading to see a fun Q&A with her. 

Q: Tell us about you and your fam!

A: I’m a stay at home mom and run a small online shop, Emerald & Pearl Bowtique. My husband is a Motor Transportation Operator for the Marine Corps. He drives and dispatches military vehicles daily. We have two littles: angel baby Holden, and our rainbow baby boy, Kyson.


Q: What's it like having a husband in the military?

A: There are times when having a husband is in the military is challenging especially with a family. He has training, deployments, and other obligations that often fall on birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. We try to make the most of our time and celebrate the big things later or earlier if he won’t be here! We also live far away from our family and probably always will. I didn’t have my family there when I was in labor or for those tough nights. My husband and I had to learn to lean on one another constantly!


Q: What's the story behind the pics you shared in Insiders?

A: Our son was just over a year old when Kyle left. He was barely taking his first steps! When my husband came back (he was deployed in the Middle East), Kyson was a couple months shy of 2 and running ALL over the place! We FaceTimed frequently but this was his first time seeing him run around in person. That’s why I put “Out of my way, I’m running to my daddy for the first time today!” on his sign! 


Q: Why did you choose the Grayson Boss Plus?

A: The Grayson is actually one of 20 Itzy Ritzy bags I have! I love the updated mommy pocket on the boss plus and the laptop pocket in the bag for my son’s tablet! I also LOVE the color and interior. I’ve been eyeing this bag since the first previews came out on the Insiders page!


Q: Anything else you’d like to share with the Itzy Ritzy community?

A: If you’re contemplating an Itzy Ritzy bag, DO IT! I’ve hooked so many friends and family members on these diaper bags and there’s a million reasons. My mom even carries a VL Mini as her purse!

A huge thank you to Madisyn for letting us feature her and tell her story, and to her family for their service.

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