Simplify Your Baby Travel Adventures With Itzy Ritzy Packing Cubes

Traveling with a baby can be like getting ready for a big adventure, even for short trips. There's a long list of things you need to bring, like diapers, wipes, bottles, and extra clothes. It's important to stay organized, but it can be hard. That's where packing cubes come in. They're simple but very helpful tools for busy parents on the go. 

They'll help you keep things tidy and make your trips with your little one less hectic and more fun. We'll also show you how these cubes are designed to meet parents' needs, making travel and daily life with your baby a breeze.

What Are Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes are small, lightweight bags designed for compartmentalizing and organizing items within a larger bag or suitcase. They come in various sizes and are typically made from fabric with zippered closures. Their primary purpose is to keep your belongings neatly separated and easily accessible, which is especially helpful when dealing with multiple baby items

Itzy Ritzy’s Packing Cubes: A Closer Look

Pack Like A Boss™

Each set includes cubes of three different sizes: small (4”L x 5.25”W x 2”H), medium (8”L x 4”W x 4.5”H), and large (6”L x 10.5”W x 2.5”H). Made of durable polyester, these lightweight cubes (0.4 lbs) are perfect for sorting and storing various items. Their design features a convenient mesh panel for easy viewing and an easy carry handle for portability. Available in a range of appealing colors and designs, including Milk & Honey, Black & Silver, Terracotta Sunrise, and more, these cubes combine functionality with style.

The Pack Like A Dream™ Packing Cubes 

These ultra-light and machine washable pouches come in a set of three, each in different sizes (smallest: 6.5” L x 2.2”W x 4” H, middle: 10.5” L x 4.25” W x 7.00” H, largest: 13.5” L x 6.00”W x 9.5” H). Weighing just 0.4 lbs, these cubes feature a lightweight, soft puffer style. Available in Midnight Black and Leopard designs, they can be used together or individually, adding versatility and style to your packing routine.

The Pack Like A Boss™ - Large Packing Cubes 3pc Set 

A versatile and stylish solution for organizing larger items. Made from 100% polyester, these cubes come in three sizes: small (12.00” L x 9.00” W x 3.00” H), medium (14.50” L x 11.00” W x 3.00” H), and large (17.00” L x 12.00” W x 3.00” H), with a total weight of 0.7 lbs. Available in Leopard, Black & Gold, Taupe, and Blush Floral designs,

Packing Tips For Using Packing Cubes

Categorize Essentials

Organize your packing cubes by item type for easy access: one for diapers and wipes, another for feeding essentials like bottles and bibs, and a third for clothing. This approach not only streamlines finding specific items quickly but also allows for tailored packing depending on the length and nature of your outing.

Choose The Right Size

Select cubes based on what you're packing: smaller cubes for compact items like pacifiers and larger ones for clothes and blankets. This ensures efficient use of space within each cube and prevents overpacking, keeping your bag organized and manageable.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Roll clothes instead of folding to save space and minimize wrinkles. This technique is particularly effective in packing cubes, allowing you to fit more items neatly and keep them in good condition during travel.

Utilize The Mesh Panel

Place frequently needed items near the mesh panel for easy identification and quick access. This is especially useful for items like a change of clothes or snacks, allowing you to see and retrieve them without having to open and search through the cube.

Leave Space For Extras

Always leave a bit of extra room in at least one cube for unexpected items or souvenirs. This flexibility is crucial for accommodating things acquired during your trip or for slightly bulkier repacking.

Pack For Accessibility

Arrange cubes in your bag with the most immediately needed items on top or in easily reachable pockets. This strategic placement, in harmony with your bag's layout, ensures that essential items are readily accessible when you need them.

Use For Dirty Laundry

Designate a cube for dirty items like soiled clothes or bibs to keep them separate from clean items. This maintains cleanliness and makes managing laundry post-trip more straightforward and hygienic.

Benefits Of Using Packing Cubes

Enhanced Organization

Packing cubes enable you to neatly categorize items, making it quick and easy to find baby essentials like diapers and feeding accessories. This organization is a game-changer for efficient packing.

Space Efficiency

These cubes optimize luggage space, allowing you to pack more items in an orderly manner. This efficiency reduces the need for multiple bags, making travel more manageable.


With everything organized in cubes, you can find items faster, significantly reducing the time spent searching. Quick access is especially beneficial when dealing with urgent baby needs.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Use packing cubes to keep clean items separate from dirty ones, such as soiled clothes, ensuring hygiene and order in your luggage.


Beyond baby items, packing cubes are adaptable for personal belongings, electronics, or as a mini first-aid kit, making them versatile for all types of travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Itzy Ritzy's packing cubes different from regular packing cubes?

Itzy Ritzy's packing cubes stand out due to their design and functionality tailored for parents. They feature mesh top panels for visibility, varied sizes for different items, and soft fabric edges, making them perfect for baby essentials. 

How do packing cubes improve travel with a baby?

Packing cubes streamline the organization of baby essentials, making travel less chaotic. They allow parents to categorize items (like feeding gear, toys, and diapers) for easy access and efficient packing, reducing the stress of managing a baby's needs on the go.

Can Itzy Ritzy packing cubes fit in any diaper bag or suitcase?

Yes, Itzy Ritzy’s packing cubes are designed to be versatile and can fit into various bags and suitcases. Their soft edges and different sizes ensure they can be adapted to different spaces, making them a flexible solution for organizing baby essentials.

Are the Itzy Ritzy packing cubes machine washable?

Yes, most of Itzy Ritzy’s packing cubes are machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain, which is especially handy for handling baby-related messes.

What sizes do Itzy Ritzy packing cubes come in?

Itzy Ritzy offers packing cubes in various sizes, catering to different needs. Sizes range from small (4”L x 5.25”W x 2”H) to large (17.00” L x 12.00” W x 3.00” H), accommodating everything from small pacifiers to larger clothing items.

How durable are Itzy Ritzy’s packing cubes?

Made from high-quality polyester, Itzy Ritzy’s packing cubes are built to last, enduring the regular wear and tear associated with travel and daily use, making them a reliable choice for parents.

Can the packing cubes be used for non-baby items?

While designed with parents in mind, Itzy Ritzy’s packing cubes are versatile enough to be used for organizing non-baby items, making them useful for a variety of packing needs.

Do Itzy Ritzy packing cubes help in keeping things hygienic?

Yes, these packing cubes can separate clean items from dirty ones, helping maintain hygiene, particularly important when dealing with baby items.

Are these packing cubes suitable for air travel?

Yes, Itzy Ritzy’s packing cubes are ideal for air travel. Their size and shape make them suitable for fitting into carry-on luggage, and the easy visibility through the mesh top helps with quick security checks.

How do the different designs of Itzy Ritzy packing cubes cater to different tastes?

Itzy Ritzy offers packing cubes in various designs and colors, from classic to playful patterns, catering to a wide range of personal preferences and styles. This variety allows parents to choose cubes that reflect their taste or match their baby gear.