Taylor Swift-themed Itzy Mini Diaper Bags!

Taylor Swift-themed Itzy Mini Diaper Bags!

Here at Itzy Ritzy, we take pride in all the creative parents in our community. We love seeing how you style Itzy Ritzy and make it your own. No matter the route you take, you guys always rock it! Megan C's Instagram caught our eye for just this reason - she posted pictures of her themed Itzy Ritzy bags and we were instantly obsessed. Megan has “themed” her minis to coordinate with Taylor Swift’s nine albums! They are adorable and so on point. *Updated 11/11 to include Megan's celebration of Taylor's album release!

Megan tells us below about the inspo behind each bag and gives us a glimpse into her world as a (self-proclaimed) bag-obsessed Swiftie. Keep reading to learn tips for decorating your Itzy Ritzy bag!


Megan's Eight Swiftie Minis 

1. Debut Album ('Crew' Olive Mini)— "This mini I thought was the best color to compliment Taylor’s debut album. After looking closely at the album booklet, I saw there were butterflies, flowers, and some other things that could be ideas and flow together. I went with a cowboy boot (because duh!), an acoustic guitar pin, blue butterflies, a sunflower, a simple rainbow, and, to me, what looked like a “country” floral bow, and a cute avocado hand sani charm (random, but it’s cute). There is also a heart with the album title, a picture of the album, and a T-Swift Funko inspired keychain (you will see these on all the Taylor inspired bags)."

2. Fearless (Chelsea Mini - Limited Edition)— "Without a doubt, I knew this would be the perfect color for Taylor’s second album. It compliments the heart-shaped keychain and album cover super well! This bag also has a picture of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) that I put on the side. I found a cute Etsy shop that made colored rainbows inspired by Taylor’s albums (again, Swifties unite!) and of course I needed to order what was available to add to the accessorizing process. There is also a Starbucks-inspired caramel coffee and a pinkish leopard bow. Again, the great thing about dressing up the bags is that you can switch out whatever whenever you want!"

3. Speak Now (Lilac Mini - Limited Edition)— "I originally had the Speak Now charms on my Vanilla Latte Mini until I found the hold grail of bags: the elusive Lilac Mini! *Insert high pitched scream here* Once I switched everything over, I was thrilled to see how awesome the purple stood out with the lilac color. However, this is the bag that is the least dressed up. You will notice that it doesn’t have a bow (what in the what?!). The shop that creates the Taylor Funko inspired keychains literally JUST came out with a charm for Speak Now and it arrived in the nick of time. In addition, we have the album titled heart and album cover.

My current thoughts about adding more: a BOW!, hand sanitizer charm (since clean hands are coming back stronger than a 90s trend), and possibly anything flowy and purple to stand out against the bag."

4. Red (Gray Mini)— "I had too much fun with this bag. Why, you ask? Because it combines some of my favorite things. I remember when this album came out, Taylor was featured in a Target commercial. Before my mission became T-Swift focused, I really wanted my Gray Mini to be “Target” themed. On my search, I found so many goodies that I had to limit myself (which is extremely hard to do!). This bag has a Target inspired bow with Bullseye in the middle, Taylor in her red ringmaster outfit, the ever-so-familiar Target delivery box (y’all know what I’m talking about), the most adorable Target cart keychain, and Taylor in her stripes. 

I was so excited when I found a Target hand sanitizer patter and a charm that is HALF STARBUCKS AND HALF TARGET! I also added a Starbees strawberry refresher keychain and was good to go. This is one of my favorite bags at the moment because I feel like this bag’s accessories are the perfect balance. The red looks amazing against the gray and who doesn’t get that warm fuzzy feeling whenever you see the Target sign?! *cough cough* my husband *cough cough* (Check out her Insta post here). 

5. 1989 (Leopard Mini)— "Here is where I absolutely became even more of a Swiftie than before (if that was even possible). When Taylor came out with 1989, I just about died because I was born that year as well. Being born the last year of the 80s, I don’t remember much as I grew up a 90s kid. However, I love the 80s era and thought the leopard would be totally rad to have as a canvas for 1989.

This bag includes Taylor in her two-piece white outfit as well as her black top and purple sparkly skirt; both outfits she wore on the 1989 Tour. It also includes a Golden Girls leopard inspired bow and little change purse. Side note: the Golden Girls is my favorite show of all time and has played a significant role throughout my life. Plus, it was recorded in the 80s adding to the era for the theme. There is also an Itzy Ritzy Black Hand Sanitizer Charm and Leopard Charm Pod as well. All of these accessories, I think, make this bag totally tubular, dude!" (Check out the Insta post here).

6. reputation (Custom Black Mini with studs)— "This bag is another one that is high up on my favorites list. I love anything studded and that seems to be a rising trend. The more studs the better! I found a fellow Itzy mama in the Insiders group who was able to stud this mini (along with a few other Itzy items) and it turned out better than I could have imagined. This bag is compliment city even without accessories. Once I saw the finished product, I knew this was the bag for the reputation album. The mama who studded the bag also sent me the leopard bow that goes great with the theme.

Accessories for the Black studded mini include the Chelsea Charm Pod, skull mom hair “Mom Life” keychain (because that’s how I look and feel on a daily basis), Taylor-inspired Funko charm, a reputation-inspired rainbow keychain, and a cool, realistic looking Taylor charm that captured her playing her acoustic guitar while on the tour." (Check out the Insta post here). 

7. Lover (Blush Mini)— "I originally had Lover charm on the Lilac Mini but made a switch. I wanted the accessories to stand out and help compliment the bag. Either way, Lover looked great on both. The Blush Mini includes a white hand sani charm, Taylor Funko-inspired keychain, the “Loved” Itzy Ritzy keychain, my awesome popsicle air pods case (Target dollar spot find!), a Lover-inspired rainbow, and, again, a realistic Taylor charm that captured her outfit from the AMAs.

The air pods case can be an added accessory for your bag. Since I use mine while I’m at work, it’s nice to just clip it on my bag of the day and go. This is another accessory that the possibilities are endless. The popsicle would be great for summer, I also have a Starbees pink frappuccino case, and a case that was available on the Taylor Swift website with lyrics from Cardigan. Check out Bullseye’s Dollar Spot next time you’re there!" (Check out the Insta post here).  

8 & 9. folklore/evermore (Cognac Mini)—For this mini, I decided to combine folklore and evermore together since Taylor stated that they are sister albums (plus I was running out of minis! Time to do some Itzy add-to-cart!). This cognac color, in my opinion, complements both albums because of its tone. On the Cognac, we have the album hearts and album covers, three, I said THREE Taylor Funko charms (because why not?!). Two are from folklore and one is from evermore. There is also a fox (random much?) hand sanitizer holder, the usual album-inspired rainbows, and a realistic Taylor in her cardigan charm. No bow on this one as well, but adding one is always a possibility. Simple and cute for Taylor’s two latest albums." 

Megan's Accessorizing Tips

  • If you have air pods, go ahead and make them stand out with a fun case! It only adds to your bag theme and you can find super cute inexpensive ones all over. 
  • Etsy and Mercari are the main apps/sites that I have found a majority of my accessories. Once you get your basics from Itzy Ritzy, get out there and support those small shops! It means the world to them.
  • You can also find snack bags/wet bags/packing cubes to go with your theme as well.
  • If you're gifting a bag to a fellow mama, take note of what her interests are! Add a cute bow or keychain to go with her likes or even the nursery theme!


For more bag inspiration and where you can find cool and different accessories (even the Taylor inspired ones!), follow Megan on Instagram @meyghanrose!

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