Diaper bag must-haves: what to look for

Diaper Bag Must-Haves: What To Look For

You’ve heard of baby diaper bags, but do you know everything about them? We’d love to help you, so let’s talk about diaper bag must-haves, from what you need to look for when picking a baby diaper bag to key features of the best diaper bags and more!

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What Are Diaper Bags?

Diaper bags are your on-the-go solution – they make life easier! These stylish yet convenient bags let you fit and organize your little one’s necessities in one place, so you can quickly find what you need on your baby’s day out.

So, what makes a great diaper bag? Let’s discuss the basics and specifics and explore how Itzy Ritzy has some of the best baby diaper bags on the market. 

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Benefits Of Baby Diaper Bags

Life with littles is tough, but you’ll learn to maneuver it. Eventually, every day will be easier, and one way to make that happen is to use baby diaper bags! Besides obviously keeping your baby’s essentials in one place, here are other benefits:

Convenience: Say goodbye to carrying multiple bags! If you need to bring an assortment of necessities, just stash them in a large diaper bag. If you’re always on the go, pack a small diaper bag in advance and just grab it on the way out! 

Organization: Don’t you hate it when you need to rifle through your bag just to find one thing and then do that again when you need another? Switch to a baby diaper bag to sort your baby’s essentials efficiently and effortlessly take them out as needed!

Durability: You can always count on your diaper bag when you need it most – they’re made with highly durable materials. 

Versatility: Did you know you can carry baby diaper bags in different ways? For instance, the Dream Convertible™ Diaper Bag can be a backpack, crossbody shoulder bag, or tote! 

Style: Many think “plain and boring” when they hear “baby diaper bags,” but that’s not true! They come in different sizes and styles, so you can pick one that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Safety: Losing your baby’s items while outside is more common than you think, so Itzy Ritzy’s diaper bags feature secure closures and straps to keep your items safe.

Isn’t it amazing to see how baby diaper bags make going out easier? Of course, we still can’t recommend blindly buying a diaper bag without research (unless you’re into that – you do you; if so – see our diaper bag collection). 

What To Look For In A Baby Diaper Bag

We love that you’re making outdoor time more fun, and we’re glad you’re considering our advice about diaper bags! So, let’s talk about things to consider before purchasing a baby diaper bag. 

What to look for in a baby diaper bag?



If you already follow us (yay, by the way!), you’ll know baby diaper bags come in different sizes. So, before purchasing a diaper bag, list what you plan on bringing whenever you’re out, and consider the occasions you’ll be in.

If you’re always on the go, consider mini diaper bags or crossbody diaper bags. If you’re going on a trip or have multiple littles, choose weekender diaper bags, convertible diaper bags, or large backpack diaper bags. You can always get away with convertible bags if you’d like an all-around diaper bag for every occasion.


Don’t let a bag hinder you from having fun with your little ones – find a comfortable diaper bag. The best diaper bag should have adjustable padded straps. 


Like any other item, regular maintenance makes diaper bags last. Here’s a quick hack to make maintenance less time-consuming and exhausting: pick a bag that’s easy to clean in the first place! Besides that, these are our other tips:

Cleaning: Clean your diaper bag as soon as the mess comes! If your bag is waterproof, just swipe the dirt off if it’s a small stain. If not, use mild soap on a damp cloth to clean your bag and then air-dry it.

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Key Features Of The Best Baby Diaper Bags

So, what features should the best baby diaper bags have? You probably have a few good guesses. Let’s read through to see if you guessed right!

Ample Space

This one is easy: what’s the difference between regular and diaper bags? Space! Your goal is to fit everything your baby needs in one bag.

Stable Base

A stable base will prevent spills and keep your items secure, so they don’t shift around. It also distributes the bag’s contents more evenly, so the straps have less strain. Moreover, a stable base makes it easier to open the bag and access its contents – you can rely on the bag to stay upright. 

Multiple Pockets And Compartments

It’s tempting to pick a spacious diaper bag without checking the pockets and compartments. Don’t – you’ll always need compartments to sort your baby’s items on the go, keep your bag organized, and prevent items from being lost within your bag (especially socks!). 

To pick a diaper bag based on its pockets and compartments, ask yourself:

  1. Are the compartments shaped right for the items I plan to store?
  2. Are the pockets accessible?
  3. Are the pockets and compartments made from durable and waterproof materials? Can they withstand regular use?

Strong, Padded Straps

You’ll carry the bag while caring for your little ones, so the best diaper bags should possess comfortably padded straps that can withstand heavy weight and strain. They should give you excellent support and NEVER dig into your shoulders (watch out for too thin straps!). 

Easy-Clean, Waterproof Material

You’re getting a diaper bag to make life easier, so the best diaper bags should feature easy-to-clean and waterproof materials. The waterproofing should keep your bag and items safe from water, and the easy-to-clean feature should save you time!

Natural fabrics like canvas, cotton, and linen are great easy-to-clean materials, but they’re not waterproof. They’re pretty breathable, though, and are heaven-sent when you have to wear the diaper bag for a long time. 

On the synthetic side, you can choose between polyester or nylon. They resist water, but they’re not waterproof. You can also try PVC or polyvinyl chloride – mildew-resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, lightweight, and sturdy enough to withstand regular use.

Convenient Stroller Clips

Not a fan of always carrying baby diaper bags? Find a baby diaper bag with convenient stroller clips! Many consider this feature a crucial add-on since they free your hands (and your back or wherever you’re carrying the bag) to do other things.

You can purchase stroller clips independently, but some baby diaper bags, like the Boss PlusTM Large Diaper Bag Backpack already come with clips! The best stroller clips for diaper bags should be easy to attach and remove and compatible with all types of strollers.

Inclusion Of Changing Pad

What’s a diaper bag if it doesn’t come with a changing pad? Changing pads can make the diaper-changing process more comfortable for your little one and promote better hygiene.

The best baby diaper bags usually offer a changing pad with the bag, so you don’t have to purchase one. Just make sure the changing mat features a soft, comfortable material and is large enough to accommodate your baby.

Gender-Neutral Color And Design

While bright colors and designs add charm, some parents may prefer gender-neutral bags. This works well if both parents want to use the same diaper bag.

Did you know that at Itzy Ritzy, we offer plenty of neutrally-designed diaper bags? See them for yourself when you browse our bag collection


Gender-neutral color and design


Other Uses Of Diaper Bags

If you think diaper bags are only for babies, think again. Baby diaper bags are designed to hold baby items, but they’re still bags! You can also use diaper bags as:

  1. A Versatile Travel Bag: Put the spaciousness and multiple pockets into good use. Most diaper bags are lighter than regular bags and offer better organization options!
  2. An Organizational Tool: If you no longer need a diaper bag, convert it into an organizational tool. Store books, toys, and other things in it so you can easily find them or keep things in order.
  3. A Stylish Accessory: Who says you can’t walk around wearing a baby diaper bag? They’re practical and stylish, you can get away with using them anywhere! Check out this fun crossbody bag if you don’t believe us.
  4. A Gym Bag: If you’e on the run, quite literally at the gym, put those compartments to good use and flawlessly sort your protein shakes, towels, keys, water bottles, and other items. 
  5. A Grocery Bag: Fancy an organized grocery shopping trip? Use your diaper bag as a grocery bag, and enjoy a fun shopping experience.

Basically, purchasing a high-quality diaper bag that lasts you for years, can be used for other purposes! It’s a pretty good deal if you ask us.

Types Of Baby Diaper Bags

Diaper bags can be tote bags, messenger bags, clutches, and even convertibles! Let’s talk about that:

Tote Diaper Bags: You probably see tote baby diaper bags a lot. They can easily be handheld or worn crossbody. 

Backpack Diaper Bags: If you’re not a fan of handholding your bag or having it across your body, you’ll like backpack baby diaper bags. They’re best for parents who are always on the go.

Messenger Diaper Bags: Messenger diaper bags are for fashionable parents: these look fantastic and can be worn across the body. They come in different sizes and styles.

Diaper Clutch: If you only store a few items, you’ll love the diaper clutch. They’re simple but stylish and feature useful pockets and compartments.

Are you already familiar with these, or do you already own a diaper bag or two? Maybe you just need some diaper bag accessories or diaper bag charms to enliven your bag!

Necessary Items To Have In A Diaper Bag

Wait, what? We already discussed what to consider when purchasing diaper bags, but you’re unsure what to pack inside a diaper bag. Here are some must-haves in your diaper bag:

Diapers: The diaper bag is called that for a reason, so always pack diapers. A good rule is to always have two to three on hand.

Wipes: You can’t forget wipes when packing a diaper bag – it’s your first line of defense against messes. Carry a pack of wipes, and you can confidently handle the outdoors!

Changing Pad: You can change your baby’s diaper on most clean flat surfaces, but it’s more hygienic to use a changing pad. It’s also more comfortable for your baby. Also see our Boss Changing ClutchTM to further elevate your daily diapering essentials with ease!

Hand Sanitizer: A hand sanitizer is a great alternative to soap and water. With it, you can keep your hands clean and not spread germs everywhere.

Diaper Cream: A diaper cream is a must-have if your baby’s skin is sensitive. 

Bibs: You can always wipe your baby with tissues, but bibs catch the mess before it falls on your baby’s clothes. Remember to bring more than one piece! 

Pacifier: Some babies need pacifiers to soothe themselves; others use them against boredom. Put your baby’s pacifier in a case and a separate compartment to easily find it and avoid losing it.

Extra Clothes: Babies are messy, so bring a few sets of clothes! One pair would suffice if you’re on a short trip, but extra pairs will always be welcome.

Snacks: Babies eat little, but often, so snacks are appreciated. They’re a great way to boost your baby’s happiness or fullness level.

Toys: Bring some toys when traveling far or when your baby will need some entertainment while waiting on something, such as a doctor’s appointment.

Other Necessities: If your baby uses bottles to feed, pack those! It’ll also help if you pack a blanket, lotion, or any other essentials. 

Ultimately, you know your baby the best, so if we missed a few other items, feel free to pack them! List everyday items you use to determine what to pack in your diaper bag.

Why Itzy Ritzy Has The Best Baby Diaper Bags:

We created our diaper bags based on what we wished our then-diaper bags had and made more adjustments and improvements. For one, we only use high-quality materials, tested to withstand daily wear and tear. We also added many key features to ensure our diaper bags make life with babies easier. 

Our products are made from a parents-first perspective, and we strive to give you the best baby diaper bags because we’ve been there.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s everything you need to know about baby diaper bags! We defined diaper bags, discussed their benefits and alternative uses, talked about key features to look for, and even listed a few must-have items when packing a diaper bag

If you’re ready to pick your new outdoor best friend, check out our diaper bag collection! You can also subscribe to our newsletter and get 15% off your first purchase.

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What kind of diaper bag is best?

Honestly, the best diaper bag is one that suits your lifestyle! Consider your needs and browse our diaper bag collection, and you should be good to go.

What age do you need a diaper bag?

Most children outgrow diaper bags by 24 months, but you can still keep using the bag! Diaper bags can be used for other purposes, so the decision is yours.

Is it necessary to have a diaper bag?

Baby diaper bags make life easier, so it’s a must-have for parents. Diaper bags can hold your baby’s essentials in one place, and you can even flawlessly organize the items within.

Is the tote bag good for a diaper bag?

We can’t speak for tote bags from other brands, but we know Itzy Ritzy’s convertible tote bag is a great diaper bag. Ours is actually multifunctional and convertible, so you can use it however you want while staying stylish and organized.

How do you arrange a baby bag?

Here’s a pro tip: pack the items you use most often first. That way, you won’t forget about them. Place them in the most accessible compartments or pockets so you can easily take them out as needed.

Can I use a regular bag as a diaper bag?

Of course! You can use a regular bag as a diaper bag, but remember, it won’t work as efficiently as a diaper bag. Most of your items may end up on the bottom of the bag.

How do you get the smell out of a diaper bag?

To clean a diaper bag, use mild soap or detergent and a damp cloth. If your bag is machine-washable, wash it on the machine. Clean your bag often to prevent unwanted smells from accumulating in the first place.

Are diaper bags washable?

Many baby diaper bags are washable. Some may need to be strictly hand-washed, while others may be machine-washable. Always check the care instructions before washing.

When should you pack a diaper bag?

Pack your diaper bag whenever you have free time. If you can pack the non-perishables in advance, your only task will be to pack food in the bag before you leave, or you can even just grab your diaper bag on the go.

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