Best of Elf on the Shelf This 2020 Holiday Season

Best of Elf on the Shelf This 2020 Holiday Season

Traditions are one of the best parts of the holiday season! One beloved tradition shared by families across the country is elf on the shelf! It doesn’t truly feel like Christmas until the adorable scout elf starts stirring up mischief in the house, provoking daily morning giggles.   

In case you’re not familiar, Elf on the Shelf is a tradition created by the mother-daughter duo Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell. It works like this: for the month of December a scout elf from the North Pole comes to visit your family. 
Every night, this elf returns to the North Pole to report to Santa whether your kiddos should be on the naughty or nice list. The elf finds a new hiding place every morning. Oh, and don’t forget one very special rule...if the elf is touched by one of your kids, it loses its magic!  

Parents, it’s up to you to find a new spot for your elf to hide each day. But staying creative for 25 days is a lot harder than it seems! We've got you covered though -  we compiled a list of some of our favorite elf hiding spots posted by mamas like you. Take a look at what they’ve done for some inspo!


Winter Wonderland by @jessicagrant14

This family's beloved elf, Elfie, arrived from the North Pole and brought a beautiful snowfall with her. The room was full of paper snowflakes and other adorable crafts. 
Check it out here.


Camping Out by @advent.elf

This elf made a cute camping tent out of the family’s iPad. Underneath her tent, she snuggled up in a mini sleeping bag. 
Check it out here.


Peek-A-Boo Snowmen by @tbellandchanel

These two little elves hid in the middle of their toilet paper snowmen! How cute and creative, this is sure to get some giggles out of your little ones.  
Check it out here.


Santa’s Toy Workshop by @elf_on_the_shelf_joy

Mimicking Santa’s infamous workshop, this scout elf, Joy,  surrounded herself with little toys of her own. 
Check it out here.


Hide and Seek by @advent.elf 

This sneaky elf hid a bunch of candy canes around the house for the kiddos to find. It can’t get more fun than that, and who doesn’t love peppermint in December? 
Check it out here.


Banana Minion Drawings by Fancy Shanty

If your scout elf is a bit of an artist, consider trying this out. This creative, little prank is sure to impress your kiddos. 
See more here.


Quarantine and Masks by Living Locurto

Continuing with the vibe of 2020, some scout elves are taking extra COVID precautions to stay safe. Whether it’s quarantining in a glass jar or wearing tiny, makeshift masks.
Check out some printable masks here.

Tissue Box Bed by Pretty Providence 

Elfs need sleep too! If your scout elf is more of a homebody, definitely consider letting them have a lazy day.   
See more here.


Hanging Out by @daniellepaschka!

This family’s elf is a bit of a daredevil and loves to hide in some pretty impressive places. One morning, the kiddos woke up and found their elf dangling from some tinsel! How festive.
Check it out here.


This is just the tip of the Elf on the Shelf iceberg! There are so many creative and funny parents out there. If you try one of the hiding places listed above, make sure to tag us on Instagram with @itzyritzy so we can see! Have a safe and healthy rest of your holiday season. 

xoxo Team Itzy Ritzy

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