How to Keep a Baby Safe During Flu Season

Mamas, flu season is upon us. That time between October and March when all you can think about when you’re out with your child is if they are catching the flu virus right now (as you watch them touch all-the-things, then proceed to put their hands in their eyes/mouth/nose). When any mention of an upset tummy or a slightly elevated temperature can put even the most calm, collected mother into a tailspin. The flu is brutal, and while at times it feels unavoidable, we have some tried-and-true tips for protecting your little ones from getting sick this season. 

Wash hands often and use hand sanitizer. While nothing can replace the effectiveness of a good hand washing, when you need a quick fix, or before you can make it to a sink with your littles, give them a good dose of hand sanitizer. The CDC recommends using a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. For babies and kids we like Honest or Purell Advanced Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer.


Keep your infant protected from unwanted germs with a car seat cover. An easy way to keep unwanted hands from touching your little one is by using a car seat cover like the Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss 4-in-1 Multi-Use Nursing Cover, Car Seat Cover, Shopping Cart Cover and Infinity Scarf or Itzy Ritzy Cozy Happens Muslin Infant Car Seat Canopy. With these covers you can easily keep an eye on baby while deterring strangers from getting too close.


Baby Wear. When your baby or toddler is tucked safely in his/her carrier, they are unable to come in contact with unwanted germs. Baby carriers also provide a clear physical barrier for those pushy strangers (and their coughs/sneezes/etc) who think touching your baby is totally okay (it’s not!). We adore the Ergo Baby 360 and the Solly Baby Wrap!


Cover your shopping cart and high chairs. According to this article (and countless others), “shopping carts are some of the absolute dirtiest public surfaces”, with “more bacteria than […] 100 public restrooms, including toilet seats and flush handles”. Yuck! Using an Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover can help reduce your child’s risk of coming in contact with those germs. At least make sure to use the sanitizing wipes most stores keep near the shopping carts.


Unfortunately there is no way to avoid all germs and sick babies are almost inevitable, but following these few simple tips can help give you and your littles a better chance of staying healthy this flu season. Good luck, mamas!



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