Kelly's Korner vol. 2

Thanks for your awesome response last week! 

I loved reading your positive email replies & getting your texts! 😍

In case you missed it, the jist of Kelly's Korner is a quick roundup of things I found interesting, entertaining, fashion-forward, funny or helpful! 

Let's keep this fun going!  Here's what caught my eye this past week:

1. Feel good vibes. Presented without further comment:


2. This is expensive.  I know.  But, in the fall, I’m at soccer games ALL weekend and my go-to is a pair of jeans, boots and an easy fun graphic sweatshirt, so it will get a lot of use.  I found this L.A. based brand, Lauren Moshi, first in a boutique and then via Insta. And after getting served an ad on Insta a few times, they got me and I bit the bullet.  Then, after I ordered,  I spied the t-shirt version on The Real Housewives of O.C. (my guilty pleasure that helps me turn my brain off) when Kelly was at lunch with Emily.  

  • Lauren Moshi Sweatshirt – Made its debut on the soccer sidelines this past weekend (this is the package I mentioned in an Insta Story that arrived with anti-theft tape). I'm wearing a medium. 

  • Hat – rag & bone – Hint: normally $195, but I scored it for $50.00 at TJ Maxx in their new Runway Section (look for purple tags).


3. tiny tip: Any pregnant or new mamas out there? This really helped me with my first baby and I have since shared it with lots of expecting friends and have received positive feedback on it!  Try it.  You’ll thank me later 😉.  Let your husband be hands on from day one.  Let him bathe baby, dress baby, etc. With my first born, we did one formula bottle every night at 2:00 am. This was Brian’s feeding time with our newborn daughter…they created an instant bond, he felt connected and helpful (and I could get a few hours of sleep).  Let dad do it his way -- bite your tongue (it's hard, I know!) if he’s changing a diaper differently than you would, let it go…Obviously, speak up if baby is in danger, but give your husband the freedom to be a dad and do it with his natural instincts.  Loosen up the reigns a bit…you’ll ALL be happier!  


4. We are all exhausted.  Right?  Happy, but tired?  Stressed, but thankful? Feels like time is moving too fast?  Trying you’re best?  You’re not alone!  Friendships are so important, but shouldn’t be complicated.  This quote was helpful for me to read.  Maybe it will be helpful for you too.  #thegoodquote


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