Kelly's Korner vol.6

Welcome to the 6th Kelly's Korner!

Welcome to Kelly's Korner! Last week was so busy with Halloween craziness (who tuned into our Insta Stories that night?) that we decided to take a week off, but now we're back! I can't wait to hear what you think of this week's roundup.

In case you missed it, the jist of Kelly's Korner is a quick roundup of things I found interesting, entertaining, fashion-forward, funny or helpful! 

Lots of exciting stuff from this week. Check out what caught my eye:
1. Pinch me moment.  I purchased the “troublemaker” t-shirt from Sophie & Lili™  -- a brand I’ve followed for years, as I’m obsessed with her family portraits:

She transforms photographs into the most modern and adorable pieces of art.  I was super touched when the owner, Jennifer Vallez, re-posted my voting Insta Story with me rocking her Tee to the polls.  Jennifer has been vocal about the rights of all Americans and encouraging us to use our voices.  She has my respect.  Ladies, I'm proud of us!  100 women will be serving in the House!  

Check out her adorable work, obsession with the Royals, and fun product range



2. BFF love.  How many of you have a best friend?  I found mine, Kerry, in Kindergarten and 30 years later our friendship is still going strong!  We both have three kids, great husbands and love each other and support each other through life’s crazy journey.  One of her journeys that I’m especially proud of is her creation of Turkey on the Table.   

"As moms of young children, we had a vision and wanted to teach our children a sense of gratitude. Our goal was to turn 'thankfulness' into an activity, focusing on the things they have, and not the things they don't. Not only is gratitude a learned behavior, research shows that it is linked to happiness. A thankful heart is a happy heart!" - Kerry

Tips:  Buy one for your mother-in-law for Thanksgiving!  I did this and this will be our fourth Thanksgiving of setting our turkey as our Thanksgiving meal centerpiece and having everyone around the table create a personalized feather sharing what they are thankful for.  We read them aloud and "dress" the turkey with thankful feathers.  We then save the feathers and each year, I buy replacement feathers -- it's a beautiful tradition and we all love it.  And the best part....Your purchase also provides 10 meals for people in need through Turkey on the Table's partnership with Feeding America!


Since Kerry is my BFF, I was able to hook you up with a discount!   Use "KELLY" for 20% OFF!

Had to toss in this BFF throwback 😉 #ProudBestFriend
3. I close this edition of Kelly's Korner with a wish for you to be happy.  To kill it as a person.  To feel good about yourself.  To give yourself a break and understand that you are enough. You are amazing. You deserve to be happy!  Make it happen ladies.  I can't wait to watch you shine.

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