Mother and Diaper Bag are Safe

Mother and Diaper Bag are Safe

Life is often about being in the right place at the right time. For Ashley, the right place was fortunately out of her office at the right time, even if her new diaper bag was apparently in the wrong place.

Ashley was in the break room in the back of her office when she heard a co-worker yell “no no no!” Then there was the sound of an explosion. She and her co-workers ran to the front to discover that a vehicle had driven through the front of the office. "We all ran out to try to help the person out of the car, but the debris had them stuck in the vehicle, so we had to wait for the fire department to get them out.” Fortunately, nobody inside or outside of the vehicle was hurt. "Amazingly, everyone came out without a scratch."

But there was rubble and debris strewn everywhere. A fire fighter approached Ashley and asked if she had any belongings they should look for while clearing out the room. She told them that her diaper bag was in there somewhere, probably under her desk.

Ashley had purchased her Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat about a month and a half earlier. "I’m a heavy packer, and we’re on the go a lot, so my bags endure a lot on a day to day basis.” Then again, enduring day-to-day use and enduring a car crashing through your office wall are two vastly different things.

"I thought for sure it was a goner,” says Ashley. "I was positive it was destroyed.” The fire fighter eventually dug it out, and Ashley couldn’t believe what she saw. "I was SHOCKED. Not only did it survive being buried under a car and parts of the ceiling, desk, and wall, but it only had ONE tiny scuff on the bottom! I used a baby wipe, cleaned it off and got the glass and debris out of the pockets and was thrilled to see NOTHING inside the bag was broken or damaged. Not even my glasses!”

Ashley shared pictures after they pulled out her diaper bag, as well as the tiny scuff on the bottom. In the picture of the car, the bag is buried under the car on the far wall.

Triple Threat Diaper Bag

Triple Threat Diaper Bag slight scratch

Triple Threat Diaper Bag slight scratch

car crash

We’re so glad that Ashley, her co-workers and the driver are all safe and sound. Lives can't be replaced, but diaper bags can be…if you need to. 🙂

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xoxo, Team Itzy Ritzy

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