Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide

Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s Day is the occasion to celebrate a mom, mother-in-law, grandma, or any special woman in your life! And with May 9th just around the corner, it’s time to start brainstorming the perfect gift. Not sure where to start? We've got you! We compiled a list of trendy, useful, and amazing gifts that she’s sure to love. 

What do you want to say with your gift? We’ve put together some amazing gift ideas in several categories so you can find the one just right! But no matter what you decide to get her, she is sure to love it because it was chosen with care...and chosen by you! Keep reading to start your mother’s day gift hunt. 

Gifts that say...I appreciate all that you do

Being a mom is tough, no matter how old her kids are. Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned veteran, these gifts are the ones she’ll appreciate, and they'll make her job as a mom easier. Show her that you recognize all her hard work with these gifts! 

Itzy Ritzy weekender bag with baby clothes
  1. The Dream Collection - Itzy Ritzy, these lightweight, puffer-style bags are a must-have for all moms. This collection is our dreamiest new release!
  2. Over-the-Sink Drying Rack - Food52, to make washing dishes a breeze. This rack rolls out, fits over the sink, and is easily put away. Plus, it’s super aesthetically pleasing. 
  3. Eufy Robovac 11S - Amazon, every mom needs a robot vacuum helping out around the house. Check that chore off her to-do list.  
    Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder
  4. Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder - Uncommon Goods, a unique and helpful gift to make the kitchen a little less cluttered while cooking.
  5. Itzy Mini™ Diaper Bag - Itzy Ritzy, this bag is the perfect size to grab and go for quick outings. Choose the bag that best fits her vibe!
  6. Always Pan - Our Place, this adorable pan is designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware. She’ll definitely get good use out of this one. 
  7. 10-Foot Charging Cord  - Amazon, your mom’s phone is probably always running on 20%. This extra long cord will make her busy life a little easier.  
  8. Stripe Monogrammable Apron - Williams Sonoma, if your mom really enjoys cooking, get her a new apron! Make it even more thoughtful by monogramming it. 
  9. Packing Cubes - Itzy Ritzy, give your mom the gift of easy organization. These bag storage organizers are sure to limit clutter and ease anxiety. 
    NutriBullet Juicer Pro
  10. NutriBullet Juicer Pro - QVC, this is a handy-dandy device to have laying around the kitchen.  

Gifts that deserve to spoil yourself  

Is she taking care of everyone else around her before taking care of herself? Remind her that it’s okay to (and that she totally should!) spoil herself. Check out these gifts: 

  1. Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush - Amazon, this brush not only ensures your hair a good wash, but it also relaxes the scalp muscles and reduces stress. 
  2. Joanna Czech Facial Massager - Net-A-Porter, self-care skincare is key! This product will reduce stress, life facial features, and reduce puffiness. It feels better than a face mask!
  3. Extendable Bathtub Tray Caddy - Amazon, help mom take bubble baths to the next level with this adjustable chrome-and-bamboo caddy.
  4. Sleep Eye Mask - Leatherology, this sleep mask is equally comfortable and stylish and will help your mom get a much-needed good night’s sleep.     
    Aromatherapy Associates Revive Shower Oil
  5. Aromatherapy Associates Revive Shower Oil - Net-A-Porter, the shower is a ‘me-time’ ‘self-care’ haven. Help your mom indulge in a daily moment of uninterrupted relaxation.  
  6. Hotel Robe - Hill House Home, your mom deserves a vacation. If she can’t take one now, the next best thing is to lounge in a hotel-style robe and bring that vacation feeling to the comfort of her own home. 
     Double Roller Mini
  7. Double Roller Mini - Lululemon, to help her roll out all those tight muscles. This is especially great if your mom is super active.
  8. Weighted Blanket - Layla Sleep, these blankets are known to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. She doesn’t know she needs this, but she’ll thank you later. 
    Himalayan Salt Lamp
  9. Himalayan Salt Lamp - Amazon, not only are these lamps super trendy, they are a great piece of room decor. Plus, the salt has air purifying properties. 
  10. Rosé All Day Candy Cubes - Nordstrom, these rosé candy cubes are the perfect, little treat after a long day. 

Gifts that say...I’m glad that you’re my mom

There is nothing more heartwarming than opening up a homemade or personalized gift. Check out these customizable gifts to make her feel extra special. But fair warning...some of these might make her tear up a little!

Personalized Family Print
  1. Personalized Family Print - Uncommon Goods, customize each member of your family and receive a completely unique drawing!
  2. Mama Necklace - BYCHARI, these name necklaces are super trendy right now, she’ll definitely be wearing this every day.  
  3. 252 Piece Custom Puzzle - Minted,  
  4. Mommy & Me Embroidery Socks - Kohls, for the mamas with little kiddos, these matching socks are sure to make her heart melt.  
  5. Letters To My Mom - Uncommon Goods, want to make your mom something special but don’t know where to start? This letter set will help you format your thoughts. 
    Mama Diaper Bag Charm
  6. Mama Diaper Bag Charm - Itzy Ritzy, a personalized pop to her bag
  7. Personalized Family Names Throw Pillow - Etsy, a cute piece of decor to remind her everyday of the people who matter most to her  
  8. Funny Floral Towel - Paper Source, “today’s goal: keep the tiny humans alive.” It’s good to have some humor and honesty during everyday parenting.            
    Actual Handwriting Bracelet
  9. Actual Handwriting Bracelet - Etsy, if anyone knows your handwriting, it's mom. This heartfelt gift will become an everyday statement piece.
  10. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit - Uncommon Goods, this is more than just a flower, birth month flowers have symbolic and sentimental meanings

Have other ideas to share with us? Tag us with @itzyritzy on social with your go-to gifts! We hope you have a special and relaxing Mother’s Day this year with the ones you love.   

xoxo, Team Itzy Ritzy

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