How to choose the right diaper bag

How to Choose the Right Diaper Bag for Your Needs: Small or Large

It finally happened! You’re done resisting and ready to join the parents who love baby diaper bags! But joining in on the fun isn’t as easy as it seems, huh? Do you need a small diaper bag or a more spacious one? Something easily stashable or something sturdier?

Lighter or heavier? Strappy or simple? Traditional or modern? There are just so many questions and factors to consider that randomly picking a bag sounds nice by now, right?

You can easily do that by browsing Itzy Ritzy’s fantastic diaper bag collection – or you can hold on a little longer and let us help you! We’ve been there, and here’s what we wish we knew about choosing the right diaper bag for your needs. 

What Are Diaper Bags?

Diaper bags are magical, better-than-regular bags designed to make your parenting life easier. 

These bags let you carry everything you need when outdoors with your little ones, featuring multiple compartments, pockets, and some conveniently-placed straps so you can easily organize and bring everything everywhere. 

You’ll often see two types of baby diaper bags: small diaper bags and large diaper bags. Small diaper bags are best for quick trips and errands. They’re compact and lightweight, so you can easily carry them anywhere. Meanwhile, large diaper bags are your best bet if you’ll travel far. These spacious bags can hold and organize many of your baby’s belongings!

Big or small, diaper bags can be made from nylon, canvas, vegan leather, and more. Some diaper bags feature insulated pockets to keep bottles and snacks cold or warm, while others have a changing pad, a stroller attachment, or a built-in organizer. Check out these accessories if you’re curious about other things you can use with diaper bags!

Key Features Of A Good Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are invaluable if you want to make family outings easier. And now that we’re on the same page let’s talk about key features of a good diaper bag.

  • Ample Storage: Look for a diaper bag with enough compartments to hold essentials like diapers, wipes, bottles, and snacks. The goal is to easily bring and access everything you’ll need.
  • Durable Materials: Diaper bags should be made of a durable material that is easy to clean and maintain. For best results, choose baby diaper bags made with canvas, nylon, or polyester. These materials excellently resist daily wear and tear.
  • Comfortable Handles or Straps: Look for adjustable and padded straps for extra comfort. Remember, you’ll carry the bag while outdoors, so find a bag that feels comfortable enough and easy to carry.
  • A Stylish Design: Diaper bags come in various styles and designs, so base your design choice on your favorite color, your baby’s characteristics, your favorite animal, and more so you can enjoy using the bag!
  • Waterproof Ability: You can’t officially say you’re surviving parenthood well enough if you haven’t had your fair share of spills and messes! Milk, water, drinks, snacks, and so many things can ruin your bag, so it’s best to pick a waterproof baby diaper bag.
  • Machine Washability: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: messes are normal, so always expect stains and find a diaper bag that’s machine washable! Ideally, your chosen bag should easily be thrown in the washing machine.

Besides diaper bags, did you know you could also get some convenient packing cubes to organize your baby’s necessities even more? You can also purchase matching wet bags and snack bags for the best outdoor experience. 

Importance Of Diaper Bags 

Again, the importance of diaper bags can’t be overstated! They can store your baby’s necessities and keep you organized while providing a stylish way to carry everything. Picture this: 

In a world without baby diaper bags, you need to take a quick grocery trip. You can’t leave your baby alone, so, of course, you’ll bring them. You know your baby will cry without milk, and there’s a chance of needing a nappy change. You also need the ever-famous and convenient wipes and an extra set of clothes or some bibs in case you need to deal with spit-ups.

So, you stash those into your everyday bag with no compartments. While you’re in the car, your baby cries for milk, and now you have to rummage through your bag to find the bottle. The frantic search for items will keep going on and on whenever you need something… 

Imagine having to bring many more items when you travel somewhere farther. Imagine scouring through your regular bag whenever you need something, disorganizing the items within, and then doing it all again. Frustrating, isn’t it? 

This is where diaper bags come to the rescue: they come in different shapes and sizes to help you keep your baby's items in one place, and whether you’re running an errand or traveling far, a diaper bag ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Best of all, you can keep using diaper bags even as your babies turn into toddlers and kids! They don’t easily go out of style, and if you purchase from a quality store like Itzy Ritzy, they can last for years!

When To Use Small Diaper Bags?

So, maybe you just need to buy some groceries, visit the doctor, or take a stroll – that’s where the small diaper bag shines! It’s compact enough to fit all the essentials without being too bulky, and it’s perfect when you don’t need to bring a lot of items but still want to stay organized. 

If you usually travel light or are always on the go, it’s best to stick to a small diaper bag. That way, your items are always ready or easy to prepare, and you can just head out without much hassle! You can even slip small diaper bags into a tote bag, purse, or backpack to take your baby’s necessities wherever you go.

Want to get your hands on the latest stylish and functional mini diaper bags? Browse our Itzy Mini collection and prepare to fall in love!

When To Use Large Diaper Bags?

Are you packing for more than one child? Are you going far or planning on staying somewhere for a few days? Do you like bringing plenty of extra toys, snacks, clothing, and other essentials, just to be on the safe side? If so, large diaper bags are perfect for you!

Large diaper bags offer multiple compartments to keep everything organized, ample space to pack anything you need, and a sturdy build to keep everything in place. If you like being prepared for anything and everything, large diaper bags are perfect for you.

Check out these awesome backpacks if you need practical but beautiful diaper bags. You can also look at our convertible diaper bags if you prefer more versatile bags!

Best Small Diaper Bags

Again, small diaper bags are ideal for quick outings, travel, or when you just want to carry the essentials. Here are some of the best small diaper bags available:

Itzy Mini Plus ™ Diaper Bag

If you’re always on the go and want something practical but stylish, consider the Itzy Mini Plus™ Diaper Bag. Despite its size, it offers quite some space to organize your diapers, wipes, bottles, and more. It even features a range of pockets and compartments, including an insulated bottle holder, a wet/dry compartment, and a zip pocket for extra items. Its adjustable shoulder strap also makes it easy to carry, and its design ensures you look great while out and about. 


Itzy mini plus diaper bag

Boss Changing ClutchTM

If you’re bringing small items and nothing more, our Boss Clutches are a great choice for small diaper bags. They feature lightweight and durable materials designed to keep your baby's essentials organized and accessible. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain, so they’re perfect for busy parents.

Crossbody Diaper Bags

Crossbody Diaper Bags are perfect for parents who need to keep their hands free while out and about. These bags are lightweight and designed to fit snugly against the body, making them comfortable to carry and easy to access. They usually feature adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the fit.

Best Large Diaper Bags

Whoever said size doesn’t matter definitely hasn’t packed a bag with baby essentials! Large diaper bags can seamlessly accommodate a jillion of your baby’s items and hold and organize them well! Here are a few great options available:

Boss Plus™ Large Diaper Bag Backpack

Functionality and style will always go hand in hand with the Boss Plus™ Large Diaper Bag Backpack. This spacious bag can neatly hold all your baby's essentials in style! You can wear it as a backpack or carry it over your shoulder, and you can rest assured your items are safe and dry because of its durable and water-resistant fabric.

Besides having multiple compartments and pockets, the Boss Plus™ Large Diaper Bag Backpack also comes with a changing mat so you can easily change your baby’s diaper on the go. 


Large diaper bag

Dream Weekender™ Diaper Bag Itzy Ritzy Midnight Black

If you like the Boss Plus™ but need more space, consider the Dream Weekender™ Diaper Bag Itzy Ritzy Midnight Black. It’s the perfect bag for parents who need a large-capacity bag for their little one. With plenty of pockets and compartments, this stylish bag is designed to keep all your essentials organized and within reach. 

Its amazingly spacious main compartment can store diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, and more, while its adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, and its insulated side pockets are great for keeping snacks and drinks cool. 

Small Or Large Diaper Bags: How To Choose The Right Diaper Bags

Choosing the right diaper bag for your needs should feel less scary. We’ve discussed plenty of things about large and small diaper bags, and if you need more help with deciding which diaper bag matches you, consider these other things: 

First, think about the diaper bag’s size. Again, small diaper bags are lightweight and compact, so they’re great for quick trips. Meanwhile, large diaper bags are perfect for extended trips, such as a weekend away or a family vacation. They’re larger and have more compartments, so they can carry everything you can think of needing.

Next, you need to consider the diaper bag’s features. Small diaper bags often have fewer features than larger ones, but they can still be just as functional. Look for features like insulated pockets and compartments, adjustable straps, and easy-to-clean fabrics. Large diaper bags typically have more pockets and compartments for extra storage.

As for materials, look for durable fabrics that are easy to clean and won't tear easily. Small diaper bags are usually made from lightweight materials, such as nylon or polyester. Large diaper bags often use heavier-duty materials, such as canvas or leather. 

Finally, think about the diaper bag's style. Small diaper bags can be crossbody bags or backpack-style bags, while large diaper bags can be tote bags or rolling luggage. Always consider your lifestyle and preferences! 

Final Thoughts

While it isn’t a life-or-death situation, deciding on a diaper bag definitely feels like a big deal! Your diaper bag is basically your best friend when you’re out with your little ones, so you need to pick what suits you best. After all, picking wrong can make things harder for you.

A good diaper bag can be an investment, so make sure you’re getting the best value for the price. Look for durable materials, stylish designs, and practical features. 

Ultimately, the best diaper bag is whatever fits your needs and lifestyle the best. If you’re ready to pick your new best friend-slash-baby-essentials-carrier, browse Itzy Ritzy’s diaper bags, diaper bag accessories, and clutches and pouches

We also offer a 15% off discount on your first order when you subscribe to our newsletter, so take advantage of that if you haven’t yet! 

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Do you really need a large diaper bag?

You need a large diaper bag if you’re planning to carry many items, or if you’re packing for multiple kids. If not, you can get away with using a small diaper bag – basically, the size of your diaper bag is dependent on what you need to carry or plan to do.

What size diaper bag can you use as a carry on?

Most airlines allow diaper bags to be carried on as long as they are within the carry-on size limits. Then again, always check with the airline before traveling to ensure your diaper bag is within the size limits.

What age do babies stop using diaper bags?

Most babies outgrow diaper bags by 18 months to 2 years old, but some toddlers may still need a diaper bag if they are not yet potty trained. On the plus side, you can keep using your diaper bag as a snack carrier when outdoors once your little ones are older!

How long do diaper bags last?

Diaper bags can last for several years. The quality of your bag’s materials and the level of care taken when using the bag will determine how long it will last.

What makes a diaper bag different from regular bags?

Diaper bags are more functional than regular bags. They have multiple compartments that can be used to store and organize items like diapers, wipes, bottles, and others. They also often have straps or handles designed to make it easier to carry.

How much do diaper bags cost?

The cost of diaper bags can vary depending on the size, brand, and features. Generally, diaper bags range from $20 to $200.

Are there kinds of diaper bags for a specific season/weather?

Some diaper bags are designed for specific seasons and weather conditions. For example, some diaper bags are waterproof for rainy days, while others are insulated to keep bottles and food warm during colder months.

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