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The Ultimate List of Gender Reveal Party Ideas

If you’re like us, you’ll take any excuse to throw a party, and what better reason than to celebrate your baby-to-be? Gender reveal parties have rapidly gained popularity over the last 5+ years, and what used to get a confused stare when explaining what exactly you meant by “gender reveal,” is now pretty much status quo. If you go searching on Pinterest for ideas you’ll most likely end up completely and utterly overwhelmed. We did the tough work for you and have come up with this ultimate list of gender reveal party ideas. From classic and classy to hilarious and unexpected, you’ll find every kind of party on this list!


  1. Señor or señorita? Throw a fiesta and bust open a stork piñata to reveal the gender!


  1. This adorable twist on “Bun in the oven” will be sure to get a laugh from all your guests — a Gender BABY-Q!


  1. Throw a “Buck or Doe?” themed party.


  1. Have an ice cream social and give your friends and family “the scoop” on baby’s gender!


  1. If you want something more modern and less blue and pink, try a “Waddle It Be?” Black and white penguin-themed party, complete with adorable invites and voting ballots!


  1. Have a sweet and classic “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are”


  1. Throw a bee-themed “What will it BEE” party!


  1. There are a million ways to make the “Bows or Arrows” theme unique and cute — here are a few ideas!


  1. Have your party guests mix up a drink to reveal the baby’s gender.


  1. Have a gender reveal paint fight.


  1. Do you have a pool? Have a gender reveal splash bash! Swim trunks or bikinis?


  1. Use a fortune cookie to share the news.


  1. Throw a backyard bbq and use cotton candy to break the news.


  1. Pirate or Mermaid, what shall ye be? Throw a “Pirate’s Life For Me!” themed party!


  1. Who doesn’t love a luau? Throw a Hawaiian-themed gender reveal party: Surfer Boy or Hula Girl?


Whichever theme you choose, we know you’ll have a blast!