Tessa Devine | November 21, 2022

Three Must-Try Car Hacks

Cars get messy so easily. And especially if you have kids, we know the struggle of rushing around trying to be two places at once (as parents often do!) and things get thrown in the backseat or console in the process. Plus, our littles can add to the mess by throwing or dropping their toys, snacks, and pacifiers. 

But with a little organization —and a little Itzy Ritzy— you can control the crazy a little bit better. We compiled some simple, easy hacks from our TikTok channel that you can implement in your car to make one part of your life less chaotic. Check out the videos and the products we used below!


1. Snap your bottle bag to your car seat headrest 


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♬ original sound - Itzy Ritzy

We used our Chill Like A Boss™ Bottle Bag for this snack hack! This is great for keeping snacks organized on long car rides and road trips. Our Bottle bag can be snapped onto strollers or the interior of a car. They are spacious and insulated and serve as the perfect lunchbox to keep your road trip snacks cool. Snap your bottle bag to your car seat headrest so snacks and water are easily accessible by both the person in the passenger seat and the littles in the back. 


2. Secure your wipes container on your car seat back pocket


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♬ original sound - Itzy Ritzy

This stylish Wipes Case is specifically designed with removable visor clips so it can easily attach to the interior of your car! (Psst - we're out of stock right now, but you can find it on Amazon.) Even though your first instinct might be to clip your wipes case to your visor, you can also clip it to other parts of your car, for example your car seat back pocket. This can especially come in handy if you change your baby in the backseat, or your other littles are around in the backseat and need to wipe their hands. This way, the wipes are at arm-reach and won't get tossed around.  


3. Create a designated spot for car trash


use ✍️ wet bag ✍️ for ✍️ trash ✍️ ##itzyritzy ##wetbag ##cartrashbin ##carhacks ##travelingwithbaby ##disneytriphacks ##fyp

♬ original sound - Itzy Ritzy

We used our Travel Happens™ Wet Bag for this hack! Using the adjustable snap, nylon handle, we hooked the Wet Bag to the back of the passenger seat. These bags work perfect as a reusable trash bag because this bag seals in moisture and and odors, while keeping its contents inside. Plus, you have 17 cute designs to choose from (much cuter than a plain trash bag hanging from your seat). 


These #carhacks help you utilize the backsides of your car seats for more storage! Keep the things you really need at arms-length in a designated spot. Already have some of these items at home? Repurpose them on your next car trip, and it should be a breeze!

Make sure to follow our TikTok to see more videos like this. Have a car hack with an Itzy Ritzy product that wasn't included here? Let us know!

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