Tips and Tricks for Infant and Toddler Travel

Flying with a baby — especially for your first time — can feel daunting and downright terrifying at times. But we’re here to tell you that with a little optimism and a whole lot of preparation there’s really nothing to be afraid of — you’ve got this, mama!

Tips When Booking Travel:


Add your lap infant to your reservation: Some airlines make this easy to do online when you book, for others it’s faster to just call.


Get a window seat (or aisle if you’re traveling with a toddler): If you’ve got an infant that will most likely sleep and/or eat the entire flight you’re probably best off choosing a window seat so nobody is disturbing you and baby when they need to get up to go to the bathroom. On the other hand, if you’ve got an antsy toddler who probably won't sit still much of the flight then an aisle seat is the way to go — this way you can get in and out of your seat as much as you’d like without feeling bad for disturbing your neighbors.


Check your airline’s luggage allowances: Make sure you do your due diligence ahead of time and confirm your airline’s luggage policies — can you check a car seat and stroller for free? How big can your car seat be? Will it fit on the flight?


Schedule your flight for when your baby sleeps: If they’re really small, this is probably a little harder to predict, but it’s also more likely they can sleep on-the-go and be a little more flexible. Once they’re older and sleep schedules are more routine, scheduling flights with this in mind is easier to do. On the same note, if you have an older child who you know is a terrible on-the-go sleeper, make sure you aren’t flying during nap or nighttime sleep.


Get a passport (if you’re flying internationally): This might sound like a no brainer, but just in case — if you’re flying internationally, make sure to get your baby’s passport well in advance.



Tips for The Day of Your Flight:


Wear your baby: If you’re wearing your baby in a carrier you don’t need to take them out at security, so it makes things super easy. Otherwise you have to struggle with collapsing your stroller while trying to handle your babe – no fun!


Go hands free: The only thing better than babywearing at the airport is babywearing + wearing a backpack at the same time — look ma, no hands! With the Itzy Ritzy Boss Diaper Bag Backpack flung over your shoulders you might even be able to enjoy a hands-free pre-flight cocktail! (Insert high five emoji here).


Try to get an extra seat: When you’re checking in to your flight ask the agent if there are any extra seats on the plane and if it would be possible to get a row of seats together so you can bring the car seat on with you (assuming you didn’t book a seat for your baby). 


Feed at takeoff and landing: Whether it’s breast, bottle, eating a snack or just using a paci, make sure your baby is sucking or chewing on something at takeoff and landing. This helps their ears upon ascent and descent. If your little one is sleeping, don’t stress, just let them sleep!


Diaper change right before boarding: Wait until the last possible moment before boarding to give your baby a diaper change. Most airplanes do not have changing tables on board, and even when they do they are SUPER tiny. Airplane diaper changes are one of the most dreaded parts of traveling with a baby. They are so inconvenient. So basically, unless you have to, don’t.


Board last (if you have a mobile baby): Some people like to take advantage of family pre-boarding and get situated early, but if you have a mobile baby you’re better off letting them climb around and stretch their limbs as long as possible before needing to be mostly confined on an airplane for at least a couple of hours!


Bring ALLTHESNACKS: Okay, but seriously, we think it’s fun to go to the dollar store before plane travel with toddlers and individually wrap each $1 score for your little one to unwrap and get excited about for 2.5 seconds. BUT we all know that the only thing that really keeps kids quiet & happy is snacks. You can pack wet or dry snacks in the reusable Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Snack and Everything Bags (and refill them for the plane ride back!).


And our BIGGEST travel tip:


Set your expectations low! It’s so easy to stress and put pressure on yourself to have the “perfect” baby or toddler while flying, but the truth is there is only so much you can control. Traveling with little ones is not easy and it’s never going to go perfectly. Set your expectations really, really low and remember that there’s something fun for you on the other side (at least we really hope there is)!


Do you have any travel tips to add? Leave them in the comments section below!

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