10 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Itzy Mini Wallets™

10 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Itzy Mini Wallets™

It can be difficult to decide on the kind of wallet you need. You might already have your go-to, massive wallet that holds all your credit cards, gift cards, pens, and spare change. But do you really want to drag that bulky wallet with you to dinner with your friends, on vacation, or during a day-trip with your littles? 

For day-to-day use, it's not a bad idea to have a go-to slim and functional wallet that holds only what you need for that day. We're so excited to introduce our new Itzy Mini Wallets™! They’re the perfect accessory to clip onto your keys, purse, or matching Itzy Ritzy diaper bag. With our new wallet charms, you won't have to choose between style, storage, and practicality.


1. A small but mighty wallet.

Measuring just 4” by 3.25”, the Itzy Mini Wallet™ is little — but that doesn’t mean it’s not spacious. With three dedicated card slots, a pocket for cash, and a zippered coin pouch, you have room for all of your essentials.


2. Mini wallets that can fit just about anywhere!

Say goodbye to bulky wallets. The slim silhouette of the Itzy Mini Wallet™ means you can stow it anywhere. Toss it into your diaper backpack or crossbody, stick it in a clutch purse, even carry it in your jacket pocket!

3. The convenient keyring lets you attach these to anything.

Since this wallet is conveniently small, you want to make sure you can find it when you need it. Enter: the lobster clasp keyring. Clip your mini wallet onto a zipper or a strap to keep it within reach in your bag. You can even attach your keys to the clasp and have all your essentials together. Or clip on your favorite diaper bag charm to add a little something extra!

4. These wallets are made of luxe vegan leather.

Soft and luxurious vegan leather makes these mini wallets stylish and cruelty-free. You’ll love pulling out this wallet and showing it off! It’s simple and tasteful and looks and feels fantastic, and the vegan leather is equally durable as it is soft.

5. Our new mini wallets are high-quality, durable, and secure.

We know you need products that can stand up to anything, and this wallet is no exception. The keyring stays strong and sturdy, and a button closure keeps your cards in place. The vegan leather wipes clean with a damp cloth, so it’s easy to care for, too.

6. Stay organized!

With three dedicated card slots, plus separate pockets for cash and coins, you’ll have a place for everything you need to carry. No more digging through your purse for your credit card! Since it’s so petite, this mini wallet holds exactly what you need without all the clutter. 

7. These wallets are extremely versatile

Have more than three cards? Need to carry essentials like hair ties and hand wipes? There’s enough space in this mini wallet for it all! Each card slot can fit two cards and you can use the cash pocket for more cards or your driver’s license. If you don’t carry many coins around, use the zippered back pocket for hair ties, bobby pins, mints, or any other small things you need during the day. Plus, the keyring can be detached from the small hoop if you prefer the wallet without it.

8. You can choose from four different colors.

We’ve introduced our mini wallets in four favorite colors: black, taupe, cognac, and leopard. Choose your favorite look or pick one to match your purse — or get one for every outfit! (We won’t tell.)

9. These wallets are made to match your favorite Itzy Ritzy diaper bags.

We picked these colors especially to match our best diaper bags and backpacks. Whether you’re a Coffee & Cream fan or you’re loving the new Leopard bags in our Dream Collection, you’ll find an Itzy Mini Wallet™ to match. Also, it’s not just the colors that match our diaper backpacks, the texture matches as well.

Pick whichever matches your vibe! Mix and match your wallet charm of choice with your other Itzy Ritzy bags.  


10. They’re a great gift for anyone — parent or not!

Many of our Itzy Ritzy products are geared towards parents and babies since that’s the heart of what we do. However, these mini wallets are perfect for anyone! They make cute, practical birthday gifts and holiday presents. If you have a friend who isn’t quite pregnant yet, you can still get them something Itzy Ritzy with this wallet! 


Shop the new Itzy Mini Wallet Charms

Our wallet charms are special because they double as an accessory and a card holder. Shop the collection and find the one that's right for you! We'd love to see your Itzy Ritzy mix and matches with the new wallet charms. Send us your pics to outreach@itzyritzy.com!

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