What Makes Our Teensy Teether™ Different?

What Makes Our Teensy Teether™ Different?

Teething is tough for you and your sweet babe. Sore gums cause fussiness, difficulty sleeping and a whole host of issues that make life no fun for anyone. That's why the right teether can make a world of difference.

Teethers offer your little an enticing distraction and some relief from the discomfort. At Itzy Ritzy, we understand the benefits of teethers for you and your baby. We put a lot of thought into our collection of high-quality teethers. Itzy Ritzy baby teethers are safe, durable and functional. We think they're super cute, too!

That's why we're excited to introduce our new Teensy Teether. You'll love the thoughtful features we've included in The newest addition to our teething collection. Read on to learn what sets the Teensy Teether apart!

Pink Bow Teensy Teether

Teensy Teether’s Unique Features

The Teensy Teether will be your babe's favorite teether! Why? Because we've designed every aspect of it to meet your little one's needs. It's safe, gentle and will help mom and baby get through teething troubles with ease. Here are some benefits of our newest teether in more detail.

Translucent Design

The Teensy Teether is made of 100 percent food-grade silicone. That makes it flexible and gentle for baby's sore gums. Plus, the translucent design makes it easily identifiable as a teether.

Pineapple Teensy Teether

Hollow Top

Babies should get a feeling of satisfaction when biting down on a teether. That's why we've designed the Teensy Teether with a hollow top that collapses when your little bites down.

Optimal Shape/Size

Effective teethers are small enough for little hands to hold and small enough to reach molars in the back of the mouth. The Teensy Teether has an easy-to-grasp handle, and the flexible material helps the teether safely fit into the nooks and crannies of baby's mouth.

Safety Features

Our Teensy Teether has been tested and passes ASTM safety standards, so it's safe for your little one. It's a safe choice that's made of highly durable, non-toxic material. Plus, there's no BPA in sight!

Teensy Teether vs. Other Itzy Ritzy Products

Itzy Ritzy offers a wide range of teething toys, including mitts, rings, water teethers, silicone teethers, teething balls and teething rattles . Any of our products are great options for your baby. Plus, having a variety of teething rings and toys to soothe baby's gums will keep your little one from getting bored with the same toy. As our lightest weight option, the Teensy Teether attaches easily to pacifier straps so they won’t drop to the ground. 

Benefits of a Teether for Your Little

When baby's teeth start to erupt, they feel it. There's no doubt they have tender gums. After all, they’re fussy, irritable and can't sleep. That's what makes teethers so great! These toys offer some relief to the pain and irritation associated with teething. From a practical standpoint, baby teethers provide a distraction, allowing baby to focus on something other than how their gums feel. And, since babies soothe themselves by sucking, teethers also help them calm down.

But did you know there are also developmental benefits of teethers to consider? Babies like to put things in their mouths. It helps them learn about their environment and develop early language skills. Chewing on a teether encourages baby to move their tongue and become aware of their mouth. Before you know it, your babe will use these skills to babble and then to form their first words.

Teensy Teether

When to Give Your Babe a Teether

Most babies start teething between four and six months. Depending on genetics, your baby may start sooner or later, so don't panic if your little falls on either end of this spectrum (you can always consult your pediatrician if you want more information on this). When teething does start, the two front bottom teeth are usually the first to emerge. The four upper front teeth generally follow. By the age of three, your baby should have a full set of baby teeth.

You can tell if your baby is starting to teethe by gently rubbing your finger along her gums. You may feel a tiny tooth emerging, or the gums may look red, irritated or even bluish in color. Other tell-tale signs of teething include:

  • Drooling and sometimes an associated rash on the chin or face
  • Coughing or gagging
  • Ear pulling or cheek rubbing
  • Irritability and fussiness
  • Waking at night
  • Refusal to eat

When these symptoms appear, you know it's time for a teether.

Shop the New Itzy Ritzy Teensy Teether

Itzy Ritzy silicone teethers will help your babe get through the teething milestone. Our newest option, the Teensy Teether, is made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, so it gives you peace of mind. Its hollow design means your babe will enjoy biting it. And all Itzy Ritzy teethers are highly durable, so they hold up to daily use and cleaning.

The Teensy Teether comes in three fun styles: pink bow, yellow pineapple or green cactus. Shop the collection and find the one that's right for your teething baby. 

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