Baby Shower Gifts Anyone Will Love

Baby Shower Gifts Anyone Will Love

Were you just invited to a baby shower and instantly panicked at the idea of picking out the perfect gift? From products you’ve never heard of to products you can’t even figure out how to use, navigating the baby shower gift scene is no easy feat! Whether you’re a grandparent, friend, or picking out gifts for your registry, there’re just too many options to choose from. Luckily, Itzy Ritzy has done the work for you!

For The Organized Parent 

Keeping life organized and feeling like you “have it together” is one of the hardest parts of starting the parenthood chapter of life. Trust us, you’re not alone, and keep in mind that you’re doing a great job.

To make life a little easier, Itzy Ritzy has everything you need to master your new love of organization. Level up to your most organized self with the Itzy Ritzy Pack Like A Boss™ packing cubes. Staying organized has never been easier (or stylish!). This set of three packing cubes can be used together or individually, making them the ultimate diaper bag storage organizers!

Plus, the cubes have mesh tops, so there’s no mixing up which one has your onesies and which has undies. With six different colors, everyone in the family can get their own cubes. You can coordinate your selection with your favorite Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack or Itzy Mini Diaper Bag

For Families Who Love Adventure 

A new addition to the family means the adventure has just begun! For the families who love to travel and now have an extra (teeny tiny) travel companion, keeping a little one entertained may be one of the hardest parts of the trip. Your loved one will need all the help they can get from a travel-friendly bag that will fit everything they need to keep their little one happy.

For this fam, we recommend The Itzy Mini Backpack Diaper Bag by Itzy Ritzy. It’s the perfect grab-and-go bag to keep parents light on their feet while on the move with their little one. Don’t let its size fool you — the mini backpack may be mini in style, but it’s max in organization! It has eight pockets (four apiece inside and outside) and includes a matching changing pad for when the adventure is too fun to slow down. Itzy Ritzy's signature rubber feet are perfect for protecting the base of the bag from dirty surfaces and wear and tear while on the road.

Keeping a baby entertained in the car on a road trip is a must. Check out Itzy Ritzy’s Travel Toys for an irresistibly cute way to keep a baby having fun! The Ritzy Jingle™ has a jingle ball inside that helps stimulate the baby with its gentle sound to keep your little one happy for hours on the road. An attachment loop makes it easy to use the Ritzy Jingle on a car seat or stroller, and the light sound of the jingle will help keep moms and dads from losing their minds, too!

For The On-The-Go Parent 

Running errands and getting things done with a little one can sometimes feel like an impossible task. For all the busy-bee parents in your life who can’t sit still at home with a baby and need something small, yet functional to keep them and their little one together for quick trips to the store, park, or just to get out of the house — check out the Double Take™ Crossbody Diaper Bag!

This bag is perfect for those super-quick errands that don't require an entire diaper bag but still need the essentials. It’s also the cutest little purse for when mom is flying solo or for a date night! The Double Take has two separate sections, one for baby (or mom!) that includes two elastic pockets and an easy-access wipes pocket, and one for mom (or baby!) that includes three pockets to organize all of your essentials. Parents can wear it as a crossbody, a shoulder bag, or even use it as a packing cube!


For The Edgy Parent 

Still want to rock a leather jacket & some studs? We’ve got you. Tbh, becoming a parent makes you even cooler, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your personal style to stay organized! ! Itzy Ritzy’s Rock and Roll Boss Backpack™ is the perfect accessory for all the moms and dads in your life who like something with a little edge. This is the ultimate diaper bag with 17 total pockets, coordinating stroller straps, and a matching changing pad.

With a roomy interior and easy-access opening, this bag is perfect for any parent. It has comfortable straps that allow for hands-free use to rock ‘n roll with your little one! This backpack will make your loved one look like the confident parent they are inside and out. Because they’re not regular parents, they’re cool parents. 

For The Parents Who Already Have Everything 

Already have all the baby gear you need? Or were you just invited to a baby sprinkle and have no idea what to buy? If you or a loved one is having a second or third (or more!) baby, you may think they already have everything they need — but every baby could use some fresh items! Itzy Ritzy has you covered from all things pacifiers to teethers that make the perfect gifts for any parent.

Sore gums are no fun for babies or moms and dads, but Itzy Ritzy’s Chew Crew™ Silicone Baby Teether can help provide relief to emerging teeth! Itzy Ritzy teethers are safe on baby’s gums, and the open design makes them easy for small hands to grasp. These teethers are made of non-toxic food-grade silicone and have a texture that helps your baby discover and explore new senses, so go ahead and chew on this!

Plus, who said teething had to be all work and no play? Our silicone teethers come in a variety of shapes and colors like a rainbow, coffee cup, dinosaur, cactus, whale, fox, llama, sunglasses, cupcake, and pineapple to make the process a little more fun for everyone!

No matter how many kiddos you have running around, a new pacifier is a must! Your little sweetie will look even cuter with our Sweetie Soother-Pacifier. These 100% food-grade silicone pacifiers come in a package of two — perfect for when your baby inevitably drops their paci, and each with a unique design and a soft, durable nipple to calm your child. From cotton candy pink bows to camo and midnight blue braids, there’s a color and style for every baby to make them look even cuter (who knew that was possible!). 

For The Instagram Fam

Do you live by the philosophy “pics or it didn’t happen?” If you answered yes to that, then you may be Instagram obsessed. Itzy Ritzy’s Cutie Cocoon will have your newborn looking picture perfect in no time! The Cutie Cocoon™ is a matching cocoon and hat set made of soft and stretchy fabric that gently hugs baby and is a MUST have for a newborn photoshoot or hospital picture. Plus, it comes with a “Hello My Name Is” card to add to the cute Instagrammable announcement pics all your followers will love. Level up your Instagram game even more with our matching Mom Boss cover so you can twin with your babe!

It’s the softest, coziest, and sweetest set to celebrate a new baby, and send as a gift. Choose from a variety of prints that fit your Instagram aesthetic or have a deeper value. This stylish baby cocoon is the ultimate sleep sack solution for swaddling your little one before sleep time or photoshoot time.

Our Itzy Friends Toys collection is a must for babies and for making a picture sweeter. Our Itzy Friends Toy Collection promotes exploration with cozy and soothing fabrics and materials, sweet characters, and fun designs and features. Whether it’s a sloth, unicorn, koala, dinosaur, fox, or bunny your babe will have a new BFF plush toy that looks amazing in any photo.


So, Are You Still Panicking? 

With this gift guide, you’ll be more than prepared to pick out the perfect gift for any baby shower invite that comes your way! Do you have any baby shower gift ideas or creative ways to use Itzy Ritzy products at a shower? Be sure to tag us on Instagram or TikTok and share your thoughts!

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