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So, you’re ready to get yourself a diaper bag. You search for diaper bags on Itzy Ritzy… and what? There’s more than one type or style of diaper bag? Welcome to the great diaper debate: this blog’s edition is about the diaper bag purse vs. the diaper bag tote.

Besides the obvious differences between the diaper bag purse and tote (size, duh!), we’ll discuss other reasons you may want one over the other. Before that, of course, let’s talk about diaper bags. 

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What Are Diaper Bags?

We can’t say this enough: diaper bags are your best friends! These trusty, magical organizational bags are designed for parents traveling with little ones. You can store all of your baby’s necessities in them, from sippy cups to diapers or clothes to wipes, depending on their compartment capacity and size.


Diaper Bags


Why Consider Getting A Diaper Bag?

You’ve seen regular bags, right? Have you noticed how they have little to no pockets and offer just a few compartments? Well, diaper bags are the opposite: they give you as many compartments and pockets as you need, maybe even more!

Can you already imagine how organized you can be with a diaper bag? Wipes in one compartment, diapers in another, clothes in a pocket, pacifier in another. The best part is you can easily take each item out as needed.

Plus, most diaper bags come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, so you can easily find a diaper bag that shows your personality. Browse our diaper bag collection to see for yourself! Some diaper bags even feature waterproof material, so you’ll never have to fear water damage to your baby’s essentials.

Different Types Of Diaper Bags

Now, let’s talk about diaper bag types. Why should you want a certain style better than others? What makes each diaper bag stand out to parents with particular lifestyles or preferences?

Backpack Diaper Bag

Practical yet stylish parents often find themselves happily enjoying backpack baby diaper bags. These diaper bags are meant to be worn as backpacks so you can easily carry them while moving around, and they’re less likely to get in the way of your movements while you’re out.

Backpack diaper bags feature multiple zipper pockets to access (and secure easily) your baby’s essentials, plenty of compartments to sort to your heart’s content, and comfortably padded straps your shoulders and back will thank you for.

Usually larger than other types of diaper bags, backpack diaper bags flawlessly carry much of your baby’s necessities and even leave space for yours. We’re talking about something like Boss Backpack™ if you’re after spaciousness, but we also have Dream Backpack™ if you want something in-between, or Itzy Mini™ if you’d like a cute-sized backpack diaper bag. 

Crossbody Diaper Bag

Are you always on the go? Would you love to have a diaper bag you can just slip over your head on the way out? Chelsea + Cole For Itzy Ritzy is your best pick! It’s a crossbody diaper bag that deliciously balances style and functionality. 

Basically, crossbody baby diaper bags have a large main compartment with a flap that secures over the top, and inside that main compartment are more compartments and pockets for your baby’s essentials. It’s a don’t-let-the-cover-fool-you kind of diaper bag – it looks like any other messenger bag, but it offers more organizational options.

Convertible Diaper Bag

The Convertible Diaper Bag is the best type of diaper bag. If you can only purchase one diaper bag and find it hard to pick a type or style, you won’t regret picking a convertible diaper bag! You can already guess what it does from its name.

Convertible diaper bags can be used as a backpack, messenger diaper bag, or handbag. It still features plenty of compartments and pockets for your storing needs, but it comes with extra straps so you can easily use it however you want.

Stroller Diaper Bag

If you don’t feel like carrying a diaper bag separately – like if you already have a stroller you’re using outside – the stroller diaper bag is your best friend. They’re meant to hold all the basic baby essentials you may need, and you can easily take them on the go.

Stroller diaper bags neatly fit onto the handlebars of a stroller to give you easy access to your baby’s needs while outside. If you pick a diaper bag with shoulder straps, you can also carry the stroller diaper bag as needed.

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Bag Purses vs. Totes

If you’re still here about diaper bag purses vs. totes, we’d like to applaud your determination! Since you already know about the other types of diaper bags, let’s talk about the difference between tote diaper bags and diaper purse bags.


Of course, diaper bag purses are smaller than diaper bag totes. If you’re always on the go, your best bet is a diaper bag purse. You can easily pack them with basic baby necessities and grab them on the way out. You can also just carry them anywhere and everywhere.

Then again, if you’re traveling somewhere far or need to bring plenty of items, you might want to consider a diaper bag tote instead. Diaper bag totes are bigger than diaper bag purses, so they obviously offer more space. If you want something slightly bigger than a diaper bag purse but smaller than a tote, we have the Boss Changing Clutch™.

On the other hand, if size doesn’t matter as much to you and you’re simply after the fashion part, consider how you plan to pair your tote or purse diaper bag. You’ll hand-carry a tote and a purse either way, so you might as well base your choice on the way you style yourself if you’re not concerned about the size.


You’re getting a baby diaper bag so you can be organized even while outside with your little one, so don’t forget to consider the compartments! 

A diaper bag purse like Boss Pouch™ will offer a few compartments and pockets so you can easily store some of your baby’s essentials. You can seamlessly separate small items inside a diaper bag purse, but you may find the number of compartments a little limiting if you like bringing plenty of items. In our case, the Boss Pouch™ offers six card slots and two zippered pockets.

So, if you’d like to enjoy more compartments and even some outside pockets, the Dream Convertible™ diaper bag will suit you better. With this diaper tote bag, you’ll enjoy 14 spacious pockets and an outside zipper. If you’re a fan of carrying larger or bulkier baby essentials, you might want a tote diaper bag better than a diaper bag purse. 


Of course, diaper bag purses are lighter than diaper bag totes – they’re smaller! Then again, we can’t say all totes are heavy. Some totes can be lighter than others – take Itzy Ritzy’s Dream Convertible™ tote bags, for instance – they only weigh 2.75 lbs. Ultimately, think about whether you’re fine with the extra or less weight so you can decide if a tote or purse diaper bag suits you better. 


Diaper bag purses can come in many designs and patterns, while diaper bag totes may have a limited range of colors and materials. A diaper bag purse like the Boss Changing Clutch™ can be made from vegan leather, and a diaper purse bag like the Boss Pouch™ comes not just in different colors but also in different design varieties.

On the other hand, a tote diaper bag like the Dream Convertible™ only comes in one design featuring different colors. Really, there isn’t much style freedom in totes! Then again, if you don’t mind a more minimal look and are after spaciousness, we definitely recommend tote bags. A simplistic look isn’t a bad trade-off to more space, if that’s what you’re after.


Material availability largely depends on the diaper bag’s manufacturer. In our case, we used vegan leather to create the Boss Changing Clutch™. Leather is a strong and durable luxurious material, but it is more expensive than other materials. It’s also more susceptible to wear and tear and requires special care and maintenance.

If maintaining a diaper bag purse isn’t a big issue for you, you can definitely do well choosing a fashionable diaper bag made from leather. However, if you want something that’s easier to clean, Itzy Ritzy’s Dream Convertible™ tote bag might suit you best. Diaper bag totes are often made with easy-to-clean and maintain materials like nylon, polyester, or canvas.

Itzy Ritzy Has The Perfect Diaper Bag For Busy Parents On The Go!

We think the best option is always one that suits you best, and we try to meet that need in all our diaper bag creations

We created our diaper bags based on what we wished we had and even made more adjustments and improvements. We also only use high-quality materials, tested to withstand daily wear and tear. 

Basically, our products are made from a parents-first perspective, and we strive to give you the best baby diaper bags because we’ve been there.


Bags For Busy Parents On The Go


Final Thoughts

We didn’t trick you: we really can’t say that the diaper bag purse is better than the diaper bag tote or vice versa because, in the end, the verdict lies in the user's judgment. If we wanted an on-the-go bag, we’d definitely say diaper bag purses are the best. But if we had an occasion that needed us to pack more, we’d vote on diaper bag totes!

So, are you ready to pick your dream diaper bag? Browse Itzy Ritzy for the best diaper bags on the market, or join our mailing list and get 15% off on your first order! 

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Is it better to have a diaper bag or backpack?

It depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Backpacks are great for hands-free carrying and can be worn on both shoulders for better weight distribution. However, diaper bags come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs. Actually, you can even find a diaper bag backpack!

Is a designer diaper bag worth it?

Designer diaper bags can be expensive, but they often come with more features, such as extra pockets and compartments, and are made from higher-quality materials.

How many years do you use a diaper bag?

This depends on how often you use it and the type of diaper bag you choose. Generally, a diaper bag can last up to five years with regular use.

When should I carry a tote bag?

Tote bags are great for carrying larger items, such as diaper-changing supplies, toys, and books. They’re also great for running errands or going to the beach.

Is tote bag better than plastic?

Tote bags are usually made from more durable materials than plastic, making them better for carrying heavier items. They’re also more eco-friendly and can be reused multiple times.

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