Heather Burdo | November 21, 2022

Ideas for Surprising Your Husband with Your Pregnancy Announcement

Finding out you’re pregnant can be one of the most shocking, exciting and perhaps scary moments of your life, especially if it's your first time! While many mamas-to-be can’t imagine keeping the secret long enough to plan a cute pregnancy reveal for their partner, some have daydreamed of this opportunity for years and want to think of the perfect way to surprise their partner with the big news.

If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up 15 fun,  shocking. and creative ways to break the news!

15 Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

  1. Hide the pregnancy test
  2. Tell him with a t-shirt
  3. Tell him with a book
  4. Gift him a onesie with a personal message
  5. Put a bun in the oven
  6. Say it with treats
  7. Tell him with booze
  8. Tell him on a pizza box
  9. Create an eviction notice for his man cave
  10. Bake a cake or cupcakes
  11. Break the news with a pair of baby shoes
  12. Make a homemade card
  13. Let the fortune cookie tell him his fate
  14. Set up a push notification
  15. Order a diaper delivery

Baby shoes in father's handsRead more about each of these pregnancy announcement ideas below.

1) Hide the pregnancy test

Put your positive pregnancy test somewhere you know your partner will stumble across it. If you use a digital pregnancy test instead of the ones with lines, make sure you take the test within eight hours of hiding it as the word “pregnant” disappears after 15-48 hours depending on the brand!

2) Tell him with a t-shirt

Let your shirt do the talking by wearing a fun graphic tee, like one of these:

3) Tell him with a book

: Surprise him with a gift — a wrapped book like Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads or The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-To-Be and watch the expression on his face as he puts the pieces together!

4) Gift him a onesie with a personal message

Wrap a baby onesie for your partner and make it meaningful depending on his hobbies. A few cute ideas:

5) Put a bun in the oven

Put a bun in the oven, turn the oven’s timer on, then when it goes off tell your partner you made them a special treat they need to take out of the oven. See how long it takes for them to put two and two together!

6) Say it with treats

Buy your husband his favorite candy or treat and attach this cute printable note to the front of the package: “If I’m going to get fat so are you”

7) Tell him with booze

Buy him a case of his favorite beer or a bottle of his favorite wine and put a sign on it with your due date: “Drink up daddy. Your designated driver expires _____”

8) Tell him on a pizza box

Order a pizza for dinner and write “I’m Pregnant” on the inside of the lid, along with your positive pregnancy test (make sure the lid is on!). He won't be expecting that with his pepperoni pizza!

9) Create an eviction notice for his man cave

Put an eviction notice up on the door of his office or man cave to let him know it will now be needed for nursery space.

10) Bake a cake or cupcakes

Include a special message on top of the sweet treat with icing or sprinkles: “You’re Going to be a Parent!”

Pregnancy test11) Break the news with a pair of baby shoes

Buy a pair of baby booties and tape the positive pregnancy test into the lid of the box. If you want to get really sneaky, you can put the baby shoes in a men’s shoe box to really throw him off!

12) Make a homemade card

Make him a card with a sweet poem inside: “Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a secret and here’s the clue.” You can either wrap the positive pregnancy test or tape the test inside the card!

13) Let the fortune cookie tell him his fate

If Chinese takeout is a staple in your house and your partner always opens his fortune cookie — get a custom cookie made to break the news that you’re expecting!

14) Set up a push notification

Download a baby tracking app on your husband’s phone and set up push notifications. He’ll never expect to see the words “You’re 5 weeks pregnant today! Baby is the size of a poppy seed” on his phone!

15) Order a diaper delivery

When a box of diapers mysteriously appears at your door, your partner will surely be confused. When he sees the box is addressed to him, he’ll realize you’ll soon have a baby around who needs those diapers!

There are so many fun ways to tell your partner you're expecting. Whether you prefer to keep it simple and break the news over morning coffee, or spell it in the sky with an airplane, either way creates a very special moment to share. Next comes even more excitement, planning for your little one’s arrival!

If you’ve already told your partner you’re expecting — how did you do it? Do you have any creative ideas to add to our list? Share this post on your social media, tag us & add your fun ideas!

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