Six Tips For First Time Moms With Newborns

Six Tips For First Time Moms With Newborns

Being a first-time mom is a blessing but between the cuddles and squishy little cheeks, mom life can be hard. There’s no doubt you’re going to feel overwhelmed at times -- and that’s okay. Here are some tips to get you through the harder moments.


Don’t Forget About Yourself

This one has to be one of the most important because once you have a baby, it can be easy to let yourself go. After all, you have this little human who is your complete responsibility. Although it will be rough at first, you must make time for yourself. Whether that means going to a salon or doing your own nails at home and pampering yourself, you must do something that makes you feel good every once in a while. You must take care of you before you can properly care for others, especially a baby.


Let Others Help

Maybe you don’t want to be a nuisance or maybe you just don’t want anyone helping out with your baby - but you need to let someone. Everyone needs a break. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, a day out shopping with friends, or even a night away - you need your alone time. Too many moms feel like they need to be around their child 24/7 to be a good mom. Truth is - everyone needs to recharge, even if that means stepping away for a few hours.


Don’t Be Too Quiet When Baby Sleeps

You may see it in the commercials or maybe someone you know does this -- tiptoeing away as a baby falls asleep or getting angry when someone is making a little bit of noise as the baby drifts off to sleep. What many people don’t realize is the womb is loud and babies are used to noise. Need to vacuum? While your baby naps is a great time to catch up on that! If he or she sleeps through that, go ahead and get some dishes done - your baby will grow used to the different noises in your household, and it makes it a win-win for everyone.


You’re Not Going to Spoil Your Baby

Maybe you’ve always been told that if you pick up your baby every time he or she cries, or hold them a lot, you will spoil them. Talk about far from the truth! Don’t worry - cuddle your baby as much as you want - you’re not going to spoil your baby by holding him or her too much. Definitely pick up your baby when he or she cries, that signals they need something and it creates trust when you tend to a baby’s needs. When your baby reaches around six months, then you can worry about spoiling them.



Keep Your Baby Up During Feedings

This one is so huge. Many parents complain that their baby falls asleep during feedings. When a baby does this, they will eat more frequently since they didn’t get to finish their bottle or breastfeeding session. To encourage your baby to stay up while eating, make sure he or she isn’t warm by taking off layers of clothes. Other options are to burp often and change his or her diaper in the middle of a feeding.


Follow Your Motherly Instincts

As a first-time mom, there’s a high chance you will be given a lot of advice, even if you didn’t want it in the first place. Even second or third-time moms get unwanted advice. If you feel the advice someone gives you is not right, don’t listen. For example, some parents believe in the cry it out method where you let a baby cry themselves to sleep around six months old. However, other parents are against it. Every parent has their own parenting styles and if you don’t feel comfortable letting your child cry it out, listen to your gut. Only you know what’s best for your baby.


Do you have a tip for first-time moms? We would love to hear! Also, if you’re a first-time mom now, what was the BEST piece of advice someone gave you about motherhood?

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