Five Sanity Saving Diaper Bag Organization Tips

Five Sanity Saving Diaper Bag Organization Tips

Here’s the thing about diaper bags: they have the potential to be the best thing that’s ever happened to a mother — what with all those pockets perfect for the approximately 1 million tiny things that babies need on any given outing. The other thing about diaper bags, though, is that they can become a mother’s worst nightmare if not utilized properly. Those little pockets become annoying instead of helpful, and all of a sudden you find yourself just throwing all the things into the bottom of the diaper bag… And we all know how that goes. That one thing you need is always in the deepest, darkest corner, taking you five minutes to finally find it, all the while your baby is screaming at the top of his/her lungs. Yikes. We’re getting hives just thinking about it. Fear not! We are here with five insanely easy diaper bag organization tips to prevent you from ever experiencing said situation.

All bags are not created equal. Great diaper bag organization starts with a rockstar diaper bag. The 13 strategically placed pockets (including two insulated bottle pockets!) on the Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat Convertible Diaper Bag are just the beginning of its laundry list of mom-friendly features. The fact that you can wear this bag as a backpack, satchel or messenger bag might just be our favorite feature, although it’s hard to choose. There’s also the patent-pending rubber bag feet that will help keep the bag upright and clean, and the coordinating changing pad with whimsical “head” and “toes” labeling. This bag is the ultimate blend of form and function.

Every pocket has its purpose. Instead of putting things in a different pocket every time, really examine all the pockets that come with your diaper bag and choose at the outset what each pocket will be used for. This way you know the pacifier is always in the right outside pocket, snacks are always in the big inside pocket and mom’s lip balm is always in her makeup pouch in the big compartment of the diaper bag. If you can stick to your pocket system, it will save you tons of time and stress!

They’re called Everything Bags for a reason. The less number of loose items you have in your bag the better, so using Itzy Ritzy’s Snack Happens™ Reusable Snack and Everything Bags to keep the small things together and organized will save your sanity. Use one bag for first aid supplies and another bag for hand sanitizer, lotions, lip balm, diaper creams and more. Yet another bag for snacks. And don’t forget to always pack an Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens™ Wet Bag since you never know when an accident could happen (or if it’s summer time, when a splash pad might appear out of thin air!). Each Itzy Ritzy bag has a fun, bold print so it’s easy to keep them straight, but for an organization gold star you can use a clothing label, too!

Diaper bag-specific supplies. How many times have you gotten to your destination only to realize you left the teether, wipes or diaper cream at home? Either that or you find yourself running around the house like a madwoman before every outing trying to remember everything you need to pack in the diaper bag. Do yourself a favor and stock up on travel-size items or a second teether/pacifier/etc. that stays in your diaper bag at all times. That way you’ll never find yourself without them again.

Seasonal cleaning. No matter how organized you are, after enough use, every diaper bag starts to get cluttered. Do a seasonal cleanup, where at the end of each season you do a thorough diaper bag declutter and deep clean. You can also use this as an opportunity to swap out season-specific items (like sunscreen for the summer or hats and mittens in the winter) and make sure your diaper bag is ready for the season ahead.

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