Are You a Leopard Mom?

Are You a Leopard Mom?

If your personality was an animal, what would it be? For many of the fierce, fun, and family-oriented moms we know, there is one clear answer  the leopard! This gorgeous wild cat is the perfect animal to represent the moms of the Itzy Ritzy community. Leopard moms have five key traits. Are you a leopard mom?

One: Leopard Moms Are Fierce

Leopards are strong and take care of themselves. Despite their size, leopards can drag very heavy food up to 50 feet high in trees. Female and male leopards live in separate territories (wouldn’t that be great sometimes!) and hunt their own food. Mother leopards teach their babies how to hunt, including climbing and swimming! 

Leopard Mom with Dream Convertible

Channel that fierce and strong leopard energy into your life. Don’t let the size of a challenge intimidate you as you learn new skills. Need support as you run around all day chasing your dreams? Get the Dream Convertible™ Diaper Bag. With both top handles and backpack straps, plus stroller straps, 14 pockets, and a coordinating changing pad, this bag is ready to go anywhere with you and your little one.

Two: And They’re Fiercely Protective

Leopard moms take good care of their cubs. The cubs live in the same territory as their mom, and stay together for quite a while in the animal kingdom — about two years. In addition to teaching hunting skills, moms also teach their cubs how to play. Can we say “work-life balance”? Adorably, cubs even have a special call for their mom — an “urr-urr” sound.

leopard mom

Like the leopard moms in the wild, we know you take good care of your babies. You give them all your love, teach them how to have fun, make them special meals, pick out cute outfits, and so much more. We know that whatever your little one needs, you’ll run to help. What special sound or nickname does your baby use to call you?

Three: Leopard Moms Strut Their Stuff

Leopards know they’re hot stuff. They strut around the rainforest and take charge. They’re one of the top cats and they’re proud of it. Plus, they’ve got that flashy fur pattern we all love!

leopard diaper bag

Show off the same confidence as this jungle cat. Sure, sometimes you’re tired and you have bits of food and/or spit up all over you — but you’ve got this. Pull your outfit together with the stylish Dream Backpack™ Diaper Bag. This bag joins the ranks of our best-selling diaper backpacks with the bonus of a new puffer-style fabric. It boasts 14 pockets, two insulated bottle pockets, padded shoulder straps, a sporty corded drawstring, and more. It will help you channel your inner leopard mom with its on-trend print that’s all anyone will notice about your look!

Four: Leopard Moms Know When To Rest

Leopards are awake most of the night (sound familiar?), but they make time to rest during the day. They’re known to spend hours sleeping in trees after their hard work hunting all night. 

leopard weekender bag

Be sure you take the time to rest, too! You have a million things going on and 15 places to be at once, we know. But channel your inner leopard and lay down for a bit. You’ll still have that to-do list, but you’ll feel a lot better and recharged mentally and physically.

Return to your to-do list assured you’re prepared for anything with the Dream Weekender™ Hospital And Travel Bag. This 20” long bag has enough room for everything you need. Pack it up in advance of your due date so you’re ready to dash to the hospital, tote all of baby’s things for a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s, or treat yourself to some time away and use this as your suitcase!

Five: Leopard Moms Are On-Trend

leopard mom

Animal print is HOT for 2021! Just ask The Zoe Report. TBH, we’ve always loved a good print, but we’re excited that everyone else is wearing them this year, too. Join the fashionistas out there by picking up one of our new leopard print bags from our Dream Collection. These bags are super lightweight and versatile — and every leopard mom needs one! We also have an assortment of other leopard print products.

So… Are You A Leopard Mom?

If you’re a fierce, confident mama who loves her kids and herself and can’t wait to get her hands on the latest Itzy Ritzy releases — it’s confirmed, you’re a Leopard Mom. Celebrate your status with a big, powerful roar! Get your little ones to join in the fun, too. Share this blog with your friends to find out if they’re also Leopard Moms!



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