Bringing the Adventure Indoors

Bringing the Adventure Indoors

Bringing the adventure indoors! :tent::herb: Our content + collab associate Jenna is bringing us major lesson plan inspo from her home in New York. Her kids thought it would be fun to set up the tent in the living room, and Jenna thought up some cute, educational activities for them that they could do cozied up in it.

All inspired by the classic “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” Jenna’s girls are having an adventure of their own!  The tent is filled with bear-themed books (ranging from picture books - early reader) as home base for the day.

For snack time: bear snacks! Jenna’s 2nd grader is learning how to use Google, and she got to research what bears eat for snack inspo. Berries, twigs, fish and insects turned into fruit, gummy berries , pretzels :pretzel:, goldfish crackers, and butterfly-shapes cheese :cheese_wedge:. Yum!

For her little in kindergarten, she set up a “word hunt” around the living room to have her identity + spell everyday words.

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