Different Uses For Our Chill Like a Boss™ Bottle Bags

Different Uses For Our Chill Like a Boss™ Bottle Bags

Don’t be fooled by the name...bottles aren’t the only thing you can pack into these bags.

We’re obsessed with our new Chill Like a Boss™ Bottle Bags, and we hope you are too! This versatile, classy bag is an absolute necessity for on-the-go parents, but it’s also perfect for expecting moms, students, career hustlers and well...everyone!

bottle and breast pump bag We’re going to dive into alllll the different uses for our Bottle Bags. When your bottle feeding days come to a close, don’t retire your bottle bag with them!

Breast Pump Bag

Whatever you like to pack for on-the-go pumping (your breast pump, empty bottles and caps, milk storage bags, wipes, etc.) throw it in the Bottle Bag. Bam, you got a brand new breast pump bag. The best part about this? The insulated interior. Once you’re done pumping, with the help of an ice pack, your milk will stay fresh longer, or you can put the entire bag in the fridge. So easy!

Your New Lunchbox

Lunch box and bottle bag

With the combination of the trendy exterior and the spacious, insulated interior, of course this bag can be the perfect lunchbox! Not only is the Bottle Bag lightweight and has a handle for easy transportation, it has plenty of space for a sandwich, fruit, snacks, a water bottle and more! Whether you’re a working mom, college student, or just looking for a cute way to tote your lunch, it's a perfect match for you. Pick the Bottle Bag that totally matches your vibe and add it to your work aesthetic.

Labor Bedside Bag (a Bedside Boss as we like to call it 😉)

For all of our expecting mamas out there, consider adding the Bottle Bag to your hospital luggage for all your small, personal belongings. Clip the Bottle Bag onto your bigger hospital bag with the snap-top handle and voila...no extra hands needed!

In your hospital room, keep the bottle bag on your bedside table. That way all the little things (hair ties, phone charger, chapstick, your fave snacks etc.) are always at arms reach.

Car Console Organizer

Here at Itzy Ritzy we’re all about organization. We all know the struggles of when you’re running around, out and about, and things get thrown everywhere in your car. Use the Bottle Bag to your advantage! Place it in your car console for a more sophisticated look and extra storage. Or, use the snap handle to put it on the headrest, so it can be a storage back for your little(s) in the backseat. One for each child can help keep things extra organized so they always know where their favorite things are.

Snack Bag or Lunch Box for your Little!

bottle bag, lunch bag, snack bag

If you’re heading to a fun outing with your little one--the park, the zoo, or to grandma & grandpa’s --throw some snacks and drinks in one of our Bottle Bags. Now you're ready to go and extra prepared for any hangry meltdowns you may encounter close to naptime.

First Aid Kit

Another idea is to use the Bottle Bag as an on-the-go first aid kit. You can never be too prepared! Throw all the important emergency items in our Bottle Bag: bandaids, tummy relief, gauze, antibiotic ointment and more. You can keep your (absolutely stylish) first aid kit in your car or diaper bag.

Bonus: Adult Beverage Cooler

When summer rolls around and poolside hangs pick back up, pack some hard seltzers (or your drink of choice) in our Bottle Bags to keep them cool. Treat yo’self!


Can you come up with any more creative uses for our Bottle Bags? Tag us with @itzyritzy on social if we missed any and show us how you pack your Bottle Bag!

xoxo, Team Itzy Ritzy
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