Ritzy Rewards Parent Profile: Meet Lauren!

Ritzy Rewards Parent Profile: Meet Lauren!

Welcome to our first of many Ritzy Rewards Parent Profiles! We love our Ritzy Rewards community and sharing some of the amazing rewards members. 

Meet Lauren! She's been killing the game this past month. Since Ritzy Rewards has started, this rock star has gotten 8 referrals under her belt (and has earned 12,000 Ritzy Diamonds from them), and is now just 1 referral away from reaching DIAMOND level. 💎 

We asked Lauren to share some quick tips for gaining referrals. Check them out below!

1. How long have you been a Ritzy Rewards member?

Since it started on July 17 :) 

2. How many referrals have you made in your time as a Ritzy Rewards member?

8 referrals

3. What is your favorite thing about Ritzy Rewards?

Being rewarded with points to shop and get more amazing goodies from Itzy Ritzy! Plus my friends get $15 off their first purchase, too, so it's nice that we both get something!!

4. What is your method of outreach for getting referrals? 

I give my code to all my friends that ask about my Itzy Ritzy product and share it on all my social media outlets! I take pictures of my product and put my link attached in the post or add the link to my Instagram bio. :)  Also I film unboxing videos on my YouTube channel of my Itzy Ritzy hauls and attach my coupon link in the description box. 

5. What tips do you have for mamas who want to grow their own community and earn more Ritzy Rewards? 

  -Take good quality pictures of your Itzy Ritzy products and share away! People LOVE saving money, so share away!

  -Hashtag your Itzy Ritzy pictures on Instagram for people searching using Itzy Ritzy hashtags!

6. What's your favorite Itzy Ritzy item?

My Coffee and Cream boss diaper bag! It’s an eye catcher for sure!


Want to learn more about Ritzy Rewards and how to start earning Ritzy Diamonds? Learn more/sign up here! 


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