Road Trip Tips & Tricks

Road Trip Tips & Tricks

Getting ready to hit the road again? Road trips and vacays are so fun — but traveling with a little one (or ones!) can be daunting. Luckily, Itzy Ritzy has everything you need to make the trip an easy one for the whole family.


Tip #1: The Right Travel Bag Is Everything

Packing may be one of the most stressful parts of a trip! You need a bag that can fit everything — and we mean everything. You never know what you’ll need when you’re on the road!

Get ready to meet your new fave travel companion: the Itzy Ritzy Dream Weekender™. This bag is spacious, chic, and, well, dreamy. With six pockets on the inside and six on the outside, including one for your laptop and two insulated ones for bottles, you’ll stay organized within the roomy interior. A separate zippered base for your shoes keeps everything clean. The Dream Weekender comes in on-trend leopard print and always-classic black and features handles and a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Optimize the space in your bag with Pack Like A Boss™ packing cubes. This three-pack of different-sized cubes helps you keep everything organized and neat. Plus, the cubes have mesh tops, so there’s no mixing up which one has your tees and which has undies. With six different colors, everyone in the family can get their own cubes!


Tip #2: Snacks Are A Must-Have


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Snacks and road trips go together like peanut butter and jelly — so make sure you pack those sandwiches!  The Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens™ bags are just the right size for PB&Js on the road. For smaller snacks, like grapes, apple slices, or cereal, grab a pair of Snack Happens™ Minis. Not only do our snack bags come in super cute designs that everyone will love, but they are also reusable and machine-washable. The zipper-top closure keeps snacks from spilling, too. These bags are so useful, you may want to order extras for storing makeup, electronics, and toiletries!

Traveling with snacks or drinks that need to be kept cold, or need to tote along bottles for a younger baby? The Chill Like A Boss™ insulated bottle bag is a perfect option! Snap it onto a headrest for easy access to water and juice for the kids, or store up to three bottles for an infant. If you’re pumping, pair this bottle bag with the Boss Plus™ large diaper bag for a chic, all-in-one pump bag. 


Tip #3: Remember To Stay Clean!


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It’s more important than ever to keep the whole fam clean and sanitized. Nothing ruins a trip quite like someone getting sick, plus it’s no fun to stay in bed when everyone else is having fun. Tourist destinations, rest stops, and gas stations see hundreds of people a day — and you don’t know what germs they may be carrying.

Keep your hand sanitizer within easy reach with the Itzy Ritzy Cute ‘N Clean™ hand sanitizer charm! This vegan leather charm holds a 2 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer. Grab one from Itzy Ritzy with your order or find a bottle in the travel section of your favorite store. Simply clip this charm onto your bag, wallet, or belt loop, and be ready to give the kids’ hands a squirt before eating, after touching railings, or anytime their hands are sticky and gross for who-knows-what-reason.

Need a more heavy-duty wipe-down or doing a diaper change? The Itzy Ritzy Take & Travel Pouch™ reusable wipes case is here for you! Put a travel-size wipe container inside and easily clip, carry, and store them anywhere. You can even clip these right into the car for easy clean-up, no matter what the kids do to the backseat.

Traveling with a little one that needs a high chair? Keep them cleaner and comfier with the Ritzy Sitzy™. This shopping cart and high chair cover keeps the germs from these high-touch areas away from your baby. It’s also padded for extra comfort and features two toy loops to keep your baby’s playthings off the ground. Plus, there are two pockets for stowing your keys, phone, or anything else.


Tip #4: Toys Make The Time Fly By

Who hasn’t played the license plate game or counted cows in the field during a road trip? Make the drive a little more fun with Itzy Ritzy toys. The Ritzy Jingle™ Travel Toy is made for taking anywhere. Perfect for little ones, this toy attaches with velcro to a car seat, stroller, or baby carrier to keep your baby entertained. It has a soft plush with a jingle bell inside plus hanging teething rings. The Link & Love™ Teething Activity Toy is also ready to hook onto anything and features fun, dangly legs that will dance around with movement.

If your little one loves stuffed animals or needs comfort away from home, get them an Itzy Lovey™. These plush toys are soft and adorable with three different animal options to choose from. Crinkly arms and legs, a textured silicone teether, and fabric tags activate the senses and will keep your little one entertained during the long car rides, plus give them something to snuggle at night.


Are You Ready For Adventure?

With these tips — and some great Itzy Ritzy gear — you’ll be armed for anywhere the road takes you this summer. Do you have any packing tips or creative ways to use Itzy Ritzy products? Be sure to tag us on Instagram or TikTok and share your ideas!

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