The Inspo Behind Your Favorite Itzy Friends™ Character's Name!

The Inspo Behind Your Favorite Itzy Friends™ Character's Name!

Our Itzy Friends™ Toy Collection is absolutely adored among our community...parents and babies alike! But something you might not know about your baby’s BFF is that their name was carefully picked out.

There’s a story behind each and every one of our characters' names. From Sweetie Pals to Itzy Loveys, we love all our fuzzy friends. Keep reading to get to know your babe’s BFF even more!


Peyton the Sloth

Definitely a fan favorite, Peyton the Sloth is named after Kristi’s, a member of our sales team, son. Peyton is perfect for the babe who loves lots of naps, just like sloths!


Alex the Fox

Look at that eye-catching red fur! Alex the Fox is named after our co-CEOs, Kelly and Brian’s, son's middle name: Brooks Alexander. We can’t get over the cuteness of the Alex Sweetie Pal!


Lane the Llama

We just love how fun this one is to say! Lane the Llama is named after Kelly and Brian's oldest daughter's middle name - Brinkley Lane. We know your little will love to snuggle up with Lane.


Jolie the Unicorn 

Unicorns do exist! Jolie the Unicorn is named after the middle name of Kelly and Brian's youngest daughter, Elle Jolie. Jolie is perfect for your little sweetie!


Kayden the Koala

Kayden the Koala is named after Larissa’s (from our Accounting team) son. Kayden was a micro-premie and spent several weeks in the NICU. He is now at home, safe and strong, and we love that the name Kayden name carries extra bravery.


Ana the Bunny

Ana the Bunny is named after Maureen's, our Design Director, daughter. Your little is sure to love the cozy, pink sherpa fabric during cuddle time!


Macy the Rainbow

Did you know our rainbow Itzy Pal has a special name as well? Macy the rainbow is named after the Cathy's, a member of our sales team, daughter!


James the Dinosaur

James the Dinosaur is named after Kristy's son - Kristy is in our Sales Manager! The color combo on this guy is adorbs. James can’t wait to meet his new BFF - your little one!


Dempsey the Dinosaur

Yet another friendly Dino to add to the list. One of the newest additions to the Itzy Friends™ Collection, Dempsey the Dinosaur is named after Tony's, one of our fave sales team members, daughter.  


Buddy the Lion

Last (but certainly not least) is Buddy the Lion named after Erin's, our Senior Sales Associate, beloved dog. Ferociously cute & ready for cuddles!  


Which name is your favorite? Let us know by tagging us with @itzyritzy on social.

xoxo, Team Itzy Ritzy

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