Taking Perfect Newborn and Baby Pictures at Home - Creative Tips & Tricks

Taking Perfect Newborn and Baby Pictures at Home - Creative Tips & Tricks

Meet Hilloré!

Hello everyone! My name is Hilloré Guerra and I’m beyond excited and grateful that I get to be here to share my tips and tricks on how I take pictures of my littles here at home for my Instagram!

Below, I’ll go over:

  • What you’ll need to take a newborn photo at home
  • How to determine the perfect newborn photography ideas for your little one
  • Where to take the baby pictures
  • How to edit the photos 

First, a little about me: I’m a 26 year old coffee lover and my world revolves around my two babies, Mason who is 4, Quinn (Quinny Girl) who is 5 months old and my husband Alexander! We’ve been together for 6 years now and soon to be married for a year coming up in July. Time flies a little bit too fast for me when it comes to my family and thats why capturing the moment is so very important to me.

Steps for a Successful DIY Newborn Photoshoot

What You Need to Get Started

When it comes to taking my photos at home I have no professional experience. As a matter of fact, I had my daughter’s newborn pictures done by a very talented professional photographer here in San Antonio, Texas.

When I take my own photos of my littles, I like to keep it simple with the things that I already have such as my phone (iPhone 11), a few cute props, that perfect outfit and of course my darling baby! Add some cute giggles and smiles and you have that perfect picture. 


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What’s Your Vibe? - Finding the Right Baby Photo Ideas

It’s all about how you want your Instagram feed to look! I’m a very simple person who loves bright, creamy, neutral shades, so I make sure that reflects in my pictures. Since I already have that color scheme going on in my home, taking pictures becomes a breeze. I also like to make sure what my daughter is wearing matches the tones I have going on in my background. Make it a vibe--your vibe!

Something that has really helped make my photos pop is by adding a blanket of hers for some added texture. I’ll sneak in a small part of my throw pillows, too, if it has the same kind of vibe as the rest of the photo!

Where to Shoot Your Pictures

I suggest finding a comfortable spot in your home with plenty of natural light to capture fun little memories. For example, I LOVE taking pictures of my daughter in my bedroom, on my bed, for a few reasons. First, she’s going to be comfortable, which means lots of extra smiles! My comforter also matches what I want my feed to look like, so that takes care of the vibe. And the LIGHTING!!


Editing Your Baby Pictures to Perfection

Let’s talk about PRESETS! They make photo editing easy and are key to making all of my pictures coordinate. I barely have to touch up my photos when using my presets. All you have to do is download the Lightroom app and apply your favorite presets. My favorite Lightroom presets are Bright Baby by Wilde!

Dealing with a Fussy Babe

Let’s be honest, babies are so unpredictable. There are days that my daughter doesn’t want to be on camera, but I manage to have a quick photo session by giving her a toy, like her favorite Itzy Ritzy teether! My favorite part about adding the teethers and pacifiers is that they add a pop of color and make my pictures a little more fun, and of course fun for my little Quinn!

My older little, Mason, will always do his best to make those sweet smiles come through from his little sister. I LOVE making this a little bonding moment with my kids, capturing it is just a plus!

Make it Authentically You, and Have Fun With It

There are absolutely no set rules to taking pictures of your babe at home. Make it personal to you and let that reflect on your Instagram feed. Tagging brands in your pictures makes it so much fun because you can connect with other amazing moms. That’s one of the main benefits that I’ve gained and it’s also helped me become more social!

It’s all about making it work, especially during a time like this. Taking pictures gives me a huge outlet while being homebound. Although I know its a difficult time, I hope you all can benefit from some of my tips and can use it as an outlet as well!

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