Natural Rubber Pacifiers FAQ Itzy Ritzy


Designed to the highest safety standards & crafted in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes; Itzy Ritzy’s pacifiers are loyally trusted & frequently chosen by parents.

Little ones can be picky when it comes to choosing a paci (decisions, decisions!) so here are some go-tos + FAQs to help you select and care for your Itzy Soother Natural Rubber Pacifier™.

What is Natural Rubber?

Natural rubber, also called latex, is a natural, plant-based material with properties that cannot be matched by synthetic alternatives. With SO many options to choose from, keep in mind that not all natural rubber is the same. Itzy Ritzy pacifiers are made with a specific type of natural rubber, made intentionally for pacifiers, ensuring an exceptionally soothing experience for babies & peace of mind for parents.

Itzy Ritzy Soother Natural Pacifier™

The Check, Change & Clean Routine



Carefully check pacifier before each use. Pull nipple in all directions and inspect for damage or weakness.



Replace pacifier every 4 weeks for safety and hygienic reasons.


More signs indicating it’s time to change out your paci…

    1. Surface Changes (Becoming Sticky)
    2. Change in Size or Shape (Ballooning or Stretching Out)
    3. Material Damage (Cracks or Tears)


Frequently hand wash pacifier to protect from bacteria and follow specific cleaning instructions in the next section to avoid damage.

How Do I Care for My Itzy Soother™ Natural Rubber Pacifier?

Before First Use


Before first use…Sterilize in boiling water for 5 minutes. Ensure the pacifier is not touching the bottom of the pot. Remove and allow to cool. Squeeze and release any water remaining from the nipple.


Did you know Natural Rubber can turn white or have surface clouding after being exposed to the intense heat and general environmental change over time? This includes heat from sterilization! Note: clouding is not harmful nor does it impact the safety of the product.


Ongoing Care


The Do

  • Do hand clean your Itzy Soother™ Natural Rubber Pacifier with water and mild soap before each use

  • Do rinse with clean water to remove excess soap

  • Do replace after 4 weeks of use for safety and hygienic reasons

  • Do check your pacifier before each use for wear and tear

The Don’t

  • Do not place it in the dishwasher, microwave or sterilizer

  • Do not repeat sterilization in boiling water

  • Do not clean with abrasive cleaning agents or antibacterial cleaners.

  • Do not leave the pacifier in direct sunlight.

  • Do not give any pacifier to baby that is showing signs of wear and tear.


Why is Natural Rubber Used for Pacifiers?

Natural Rubber has a long history of being used for baby bottle nipples, pacifiers and other baby items for its natural feel. And while alternative materials have evolved, natural rubber continues to come out on top as the material that best mimics the feel of mom’s and baby’s skin. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing natural rubber vs. silicone - it’s really a matter of what baby prefers!  


Below is a chart of the gets and gives between natural rubber and silicone.

(*) Itzy Soother™ Natural Rubber Pacifier Can Be Sterilized by Boiling for First Use Only.

Is Natural Rubber Right for My Baby?

Great question! Check out the handy chart above to help make your decision. Also, it’s important to note that if your baby has a known allergy to latex, you should choose an alternative silicone product like our pacifiers. Outside of allergies, the question of whether natural rubber is right really comes down to you & your baby’s preference. For more information on latex allergies for infants, check out this resource.

What is a Cherry Shaped Nipple and Is There a Best Shape?

A cherry-shaped nipple, pictured below, is one of two shapes recommended for young babies being breastfed. The symmetrical design prevents baby from suckling on it incorrectly, and the shape allows the sides of the baby's tongue to rise and cup the pacifier nipple.


So, what’s the best shape? It’s truly up to your baby and also depends on age. Take a peek below at this quick visual of pacifier nipple types. At this time, we offer our Itzy Soother™ Natural Rubber Pacifier in the Cherry shape. You can find the other shapes within our silicone collection.

The Color of My Itzy Soother™ Natural Rubber Pacifier Changed, Is That Ok?

Choosing a natural product means each pacifier will vary slightly in color. This is purely aesthetic and does not impact the functionality of the product. Due to the natural properties of the material, natural rubber pacifiers can sometimes get a milk white film or cloudiness. While this is most often attributed to heat, there are a number of environmental changes that can cause the material to “cloud”. Good news! Clouding is completely harmless and often easy to wipe off.

What is The Lifespan For the Itzy Soother™ Natural Rubber Pacifier?

This product is for babies 0-6 months. This pacifier is not designed for teething - discontinue use if you see any wear and tear caused by infant teething.

We strongly advise replacing your Itzy Soother Natural Pacifier every 4 weeks. Pro tip: ask your smart device to remind you when it is time to replace.

If your baby is 6M or older, we recommend transitioning to the Sweetie Soother™ Orthodonic Silicone Pacifier designed specifically to be used safely by older babies.


My Baby’s Natural Rubber Pacifier Nipple Grew, Is That Normal?

After a long period of use (and super sucking power!), natural rubber will expand from its original size. Keep a few natural soothers on-hand to rotate. Once you notice your pacifier looks bigger, we recommend discarding and replacing. Reminder: your Itzy Ritzy Soother Natural Pacifier™ should be replaced every 4 weeks.

Is the Itzy Soother™ Natural Rubber Pacifier
Made Entirely of Natural Rubber?

Great question, the nipple is made from natural rubber, made in Germany, and the shield & handle are made from BPA-free durable plastic.

What Keeps Baby From Swallowing a Itzy Soother Natural Pacifier?

This pacifier, and all others in our collection, are developed to comply with strict safety standards and minimal size regulations. It is designed to be impossible to swallow.

In the unlikely and rare event of a baby getting an entire pacifier in their mouth, stay calm and remove the pacifier gently.