Best Toys For A 6-Month-Old

Every new experience contributes to a baby's learning from birth to six months. As infants grow curious and engage more with their surroundings, selecting appropriate toys becomes crucial for their sensory and cognitive development. Toys for 6-month-olds should entertain and support developmental milestones like hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. These toys should stimulate the senses and encourage exploration, setting the foundation for future learning. Parents should focus on providing toys that aid overall development, ensuring they are safe and stimulating to help their 6-month-old progress and enjoy playtime.


Safety First: Choosing The Right Toys For Your 6-Month-Old

When choosing toys for a 6-month-old, prioritize safety. Since babies often explore with their mouths, toys should be too large to choke on, made from non-toxic materials, and without small, detachable parts. Consider these safety tips:

Non-Toxic Materials

Ensure that the toys are made from safe, non-toxic materials. Check for labels that guarantee the product is free from harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and lead.

Size And Shape

Choose toys that are too large to be swallowed and do not have sharp edges or points. The toys should be easy for tiny hands to hold and manipulate.


Opt for durable toys that won't break into smaller, swallowable parts. Babies can be surprisingly strong, and a toy that falls apart easily is a safety risk.


Look for toys that are easy to clean and sanitize. Babies often drop toys on the ground, so being able to clean them easily is essential for maintaining hygiene.


Always check the recommended age range on the toy's packaging. Toys designed for older children might not be safe for infants.

Physical Development: Best Toys For Motor Skills Enhancement

Physical development is crucial at six months as babies start to sit up, reach out, and actively explore their environment. The right toys can significantly enhance their gross and fine motor skills. Here are some ideal types of toys for this purpose:

Push And Pull Toys

While your baby may not be ready to walk, push-and-pull toys can encourage them to move and strengthen their muscles. Look for toys that can be used while sitting or during tummy time.

Shape Sorters

These toys help develop problem-solving skills and fine motor skills as babies learn to match shapes and fit them into the correct slots.

Top Toys For 6-Month-Olds: Encouraging Exploration And Development

At 6 months, babies explore more eagerly. The best toys for this age encourage exploration and develop key skills. Here are the top toys for the developmental needs of 6-month-olds:

Teething Toys

To provide soothing relief for your little one's teething discomfort, the Cutie Coolers™ water-filled teething toys from Itzy Ritzy are an excellent choice. These teethers are designed for ease of use, can be chilled for extra comfort, and come in adorable shapes and designs. Perfect for soothing sore gums and encouraging sensory exploration, they are a must-have for any parent navigating the teething phase.

Soft Books

Fabric books with high-contrast colors, textures, and crinkly pages stimulate visual and tactile senses. They also encourage fine motor skills as babies learn to turn the pages.

Rattles And Musical Toys

The Ritzy Rattle® With Teething Rings is an excellent pick for infants exploring the world via touch and sound. This toy captivates your baby with its gentle rattle sound and comes equipped with two silicone rings to relieve gum. It's an ideal instrument for easy holding for improving hand-eye coordination and soothing teething discomfort.

Activity Gyms And Play Mats

To enhance your baby's tummy time and encourage developmental milestones, the Bitzy Bespoke™ Ritzy Activity Gym™ is an ideal choice. This beautifully designed activity gym features a premium wooden frame, a quilted rainbow playmat, and adorable, soft toys perfect for reaching, grasping, and sensory play. It's a modern and cozy play space that supports your baby's growth and exploration, making it a must-have for new parents. 

Stacking And Nesting Toys

Encourage problem-solving and fine motor skills with the Itzy Stacker™ Silicone Stacking Toy, ideal for little ones exploring size, shape, and sequence. This engaging toy features multiple textures for sensory exploration and teething relief, designed to be easy for tiny hands to grasp and stack. Perfect for nurturing your child's developmental milestones, it's a colorful and safe choice for playful learning and growth.

Top Toys For 6-Month-Olds: Encouraging Exploration And Development

Educational toys are crucial for a child's development, particularly at six months when every interaction is a learning opportunity. Here's how to select toys that support your baby's cognitive and sensory growth:

Colorful Puzzle Blocks

While a six-month-old may be unable to solve puzzles, brightly colored blocks can help improve their visual perception and encourage color recognition. As they grow, they can learn how to fit blocks into corresponding openings.

Sensory Balls

These come in various textures and sizes, stimulating touch, and can enhance hand-eye coordination as babies learn to grasp, roll, and track the ball's movement with their eyes.

Sound Producing Toys

Toys that produce different sounds when touched or moved can stimulate auditory development and teach the concept of cause and effect. Look for toys with various sounds, from music to animal noises.

Light-Up Toys

Toys that light up in response to your baby’s actions can provide visual stimulation and help them understand the relationship between cause and effect. Make sure these toys have soft, non-glaring lights suitable for babies.

Touch And Feel Books

Books with different textures on each page are great for sensory development. They encourage curiosity and can increase vocabulary as parents name and describe the textures their baby touches.

Interactive Play: Bonding With Your 6-Month-Old Through Toys

Interactive play is essential for your baby's emotional and social growth, not just entertainment. Playing with your 6-month-old can strengthen bonds, teach communication, and lay the groundwork for social skills. Here are tips for interactive play:

Sing-Along Toys

Toys that play songs or nursery rhymes can be great for interaction. Sing along with the music and encourage your baby to mimic sounds or gestures. This not only entertains but also helps with language development.

Puppet Play

Soft, colorful puppets can captivate your baby’s attention. Use them to tell stories, sing songs, or play peek-a-boo, which can help develop your baby's sense of humor and understanding of social cues.

Mirrored Toys

The Itzy Bitzy Mirror™ Sensory Tummy Time Mirror is an excellent addition to your baby's playtime routine for an engaging tummy time that fosters self-recognition and emotional understanding. With features like a gentle jingle, various textures, and ribbons for easy grasping, it encourages babies to explore and interact, making each moment a delightful learning experience. Its ability to attach to a car seat makes it perfect for on-the-go entertainment.

Cause And Effect Toys

Toys that respond to your baby’s actions, like light-up toys or musical instruments, can teach them about cause and effect. Take turns pressing buttons or creating sounds to enhance your baby’s understanding of interaction.

Reading Together

While not a 'toy' in the traditional sense, sharing a book with your baby is a powerful interactive activity. Point to and name the pictures, and encourage your baby to touch and feel the pages. This builds vocabulary and promotes a love for reading from an early age.

What are the signs that a toy is safe for my 6-month-old to play with?

A safe toy for a 6-month-old should be made from non-toxic materials, have no small detachable parts that pose a choking hazard, be too large to swallow, lack sharp edges, and be durable enough to withstand biting and pulling without breaking.

Can toys help with my baby’s development at 6 months old?

Yes, toys can significantly aid your baby's development by stimulating their senses, encouraging exploration, and helping them achieve developmental milestones such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive abilities.

How often should I clean my baby’s toys, and what is the best method?

Toys should be cleaned regularly, especially those frequently mouthed or dropped on the floor. Use mild soap and water for a thorough wash, or follow the manufacturer's instructions if they recommend a specific cleaning method.

Are electronic toys better for my 6-month-old’s learning and development than traditional toys?

Not necessarily. Both electronic and traditional toys have their benefits. Electronic toys can be engaging with lights and sounds, aiding sensory development. However, traditional toys like blocks, stacking cups, and soft books encourage more hands-on exploration and problem-solving, which is crucial for cognitive and motor skills development.

What toy is most beneficial for a baby that is beginning to teeth?

Teething toys made from safe, chewable materials that can be cooled in the refrigerator are beneficial for soothing sore gums. These toys often come in various textures and shapes to stimulate the gums and provide relief during the teething phases.

How can I ensure my selected toys support my baby’s sensory development?

Choose toys with various textures, sounds, and contrasting colors to stimulate your baby's tactile, auditory, and visual senses. Sensory balls, musical toys, and high-contrast soft books are excellent choices for enhancing sensory development.