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13 Baby Organization Tips to Help Simplify Life

There’s no doubt about it: having a baby changes your life. When you bring a little one into the world, everything you know as “normal” suddenly changes. It’s a little overwhelming but also incredibly exciting!

With a new baby comes big responsibility. Feeding time, changing diapers, bathing, nap time — there’s a lot to juggle. With so much to keep track of, it’s important to stay organized throughout the day — and that’s where DIY nursery storage solutions come into play. Keeping an organized nursery (and home!) will help ensure that you can give your baby what she or he needs as quickly and stress-free as possible.

Let’s talk about some basic baby organization ideas to help you stay more in control and on top of things! We’ll break down each section of your nursery and the best baby storage spaces around your home. This way, you can take comfort in knowing exactly where everything is when you need it and you can be fully present with your little one.

Baby Accessory & Nursery Organization Ideas

For stress-free convenience, follow these 13 baby organization ideas:
  1. Set up baby’s changing bed
  2. Organize bins for all toys
  3. Use extra shelves for storage
  4. Use drawer organizers efficiently
  5. Get creative with organizing baby clothes
  6. Use simple racks for all baby shoes
  7. Find the right bath caddy for toys
  8. Maximize your bath corners
  9. Use stylish baskets for toys
  10. Set up multiple changing stations
  11. Pack the perfect diaper bag
  12. Create a system for storing baby food
  13. Organize your baby bottles

Read below for more details on each tip, based on the room you’re organizing.

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Baby Room / Nursery

1. Set Up Your Baby’s Changing Bed

Your little one will be spending a lot of time getting diapers changed, so it’s essential to prioritize setting up this area in your baby’s room. You can choose to set up a formal changing table, or you can opt for a simple changing pad if you need to make the most of a small space.

2. Think About Bins for All the Toys

You’ll likely accumulate a lot of toys from excited gift-givers when you’re expecting and well after your baby is born. Designating a specific place to store your child’s toys can help you feel less overwhelmed and prevent clutter. Opt for clear bins so that you can easily see what’s inside, or label solid colored bins and sort the toys by category. We love these from The Container Store!

3. Use Extra Shelves for Storage Space

If you have a limited amount of floor space in the baby’s nursery, make use of your walls! Shelving makes an excellent addition to any nursery. A bonus? You can put a decorative spin on storage by showcasing some of your baby’s most aesthetically pleasing items to tie the vibe of the room together.

4. Create More Space Inside the Dresser

It’s surprising how quickly babies grow—and with a growing baby comes a growing wardrobe! Dressers can easily get cluttered by clothes, bibs, and the like. To maximize storage space, you can install drawer organizers to keep your child’s clothing sorted. The Container Store has a lot of wonderful options.

Baby Closet

5. Creatively Organize Your Baby’s Clothes

With some clever use of organization products — and Pinterest for inspiration! — you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing nursery closet. Don’t just rely on hangers to organize baby clothes. You can get creative with closet organization and use bins, closet dividers, drawers, and shelves — anything to make the most of your space.

6. Use Simple Racks for All the Baby Shoes

Is there anything in this world that’s cuter than baby shoes? We don’t think so, and that’s probably why they’re so addicting to buy! To keep all your littles’ shoes straight, use a simple hanging shoe organizer or a traditional shoe rack for storage.


7. Find the Best Baby Bath Toy Caddies

Baby bath time is such a joy, and special bath toys make it all the more fun! Instead of aimlessly strewing your kiddo’s bath toys about the bathroom, store them neatly in a shower caddy under a sink or in a closet.

8. Maximize Your Bath Corners

Bathrooms typically aren’t the most spacious rooms in the home. If you’re running low on room, make the most of the corners of the bathtub as extra storage space. You can reserve this area to store things like bath toys and other bathing supplies just for baby.

Living Room

9. Use Stylish Baskets for Toys

You don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality. To spruce up your living room, you can store your baby’s toys in decorative storage baskets or bins. Have fun with it and coordinate your storage solutions to add to the vibe of your living room!

living room organization for new parents and babies

10. Have Multiple Changing Stations

You’re going to be changing a lot of diapers. Instead of frantically running to your one changing area with your little in tow, set up multiple changing stations throughout your home. This can be as simple as placing changing pads in various parts of your home so that you can be ready to respond as quickly as possible.

11. Pack the Perfect Diaper Bag

Your diaper bag is going to be your saving grace as a new mom on the go. Knowing what to pack in your diaper bag and how to save space can go a long way in helping you feel more confident and at ease when you’re out and about. Keep essentials like reusable snack and wet bags, spare wipes, and, of course, a changing pad and diapers organized in your bag at all times so that you can always be prepared.


12. Properly Store Your Baby Food

It’s important to know how to properly store milk or infant formula. Create a system for storing breast milk in the fridge or freezer so that you and other caregivers can be ready to feed when your babe is hungry. Once you begin to introduce your baby to more foods, you can designate a specific shelf or area of your fridge specifically for baby food so you always know where to grab when you need it in a pinch!

13. Organize Your Baby Bottles

Just like the baby food, knowing where your baby’s bottle is is crucial - especially when your little one is getting fussy. Keep your feeding time as stress-free as possible by storing baby bottles and bottle parts in drawer organizers or wire baskets for always-easy access.

Bring Order to Chaos

Bringing a child into the world is a big step, and it can take some adjustment before you feel truly settled. Organizing your home in preparation for your little one is a simple way to help you feel more at ease during this major life transition.

We hope that these tips will help get you & your home for your newest family member! If you’re ready to get organizing, browse our baby essentials to ensure you have all the must-haves!
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